Cambridge takeaway is shut down by city council after it was found to be infested with cockroaches

PUBLISHED: 15:52 10 August 2018 | UPDATED: 00:48 11 August 2018

Cambridge food business shutdown by city council after cockroaches sparked risk to public health

Cambridge food business shutdown by city council after cockroaches sparked risk to public health


Chicken Cottage will remain closed until council is satisfied that improvements are made to the required standard

A Cambridge takeaway has been closed by the city council after concerns about a risk to public health from a cockroach infestation.

Cambridge city council issued the formal compulsory closure notice on the Chicken Cottage in Mill Road, after finding food hygiene failings that put public health at risk.

The business was issued with a hygiene emergency prohibition notice by the council’s environmental health team after they found a cockroach infestation in the food preparation and storage areas during a visit to the business.

The notice meant the business was formally closed.

Magistrates confirmed the closure after being presented with evidence by the council.

It will remain shut until the council is satisfied that improvements have been made to the required standard.

The court order requiring the business to remain shutdown is in the window of the premises.

Cllr Rosy Moore, executive councillor for environmental services and city centre, said: “Public health should be a top priority for all food businesses in Cambridge and we expect them to meet high standards.

“That is why we have in place a robust inspection and response service which includes support from our officers when businesses need help and advice to improve. With over 94 per cent of our businesses achieving a food hygiene rating score between three and five, it is only a small number of premises that do not meet their obligations.

“However, when we find poor standards that present significant risks to food safety we will not hesitate to take action to keep the public from harm.”

Approximately 200 new food businesses are registered in the city each year and the council is responsible for enforcing food safety in approximately 1,400 outlets. Hygiene emergency prohibition notices are rarely required.

The council carries out around 500 food safety inspections or interventions each year.

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