Chosen Bun offers Cambridge residents a quick burger delivery service

PUBLISHED: 13:33 14 August 2017 | UPDATED: 16:03 14 August 2017

A Chosen Bun burger. Picture: Richard Marsham

A Chosen Bun burger. Picture: Richard Marsham

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Chosen Bun on Hills Road says it sells burgers that are literally out of this world.

The Chosen Bun burger orbiting the EarthThe Chosen Bun burger orbiting the Earth

In order to test the reliability – and durability – of its high performance packaging, the team at the delivery specialist firm, which opened a branch in Cambridge earlier this month, sent a burger into space.

Matt Mason, owner and managing director of West End agency Chocolate Ltd – in charge of marketing for the chain that opened its first branch in Fulham in 2013 – explained:

“It’s their own customised and patented packaging which holds the burger in one piece – and they trialled it by sending it to space.

“They got a little weather balloon, attached a camera and the packaging holding the burger and sent it all the way up into the stratosphere.

Chosen Bun founders, Andy Shovel and Pete SharmanChosen Bun founders, Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman

“Then the balloon popped and it came down about 35 miles away from where they’d launched it – and they found the burger intact. So they really have tested this stuff!”

Matt continued: “The Cambridge branch is the first store to use the new branding.”

Chosen Bun’s Cambridge branch opened at 27 Hills Road on Saturday, August 5. The company’s aim is to get orders to its customer in an unbeatable time.

Matt said: “Pete Sharman and Andy Shovel were the original founders. They’re complete burger freaks so they were desperate to find the perfect burger that people can enjoy at home or in the office – this is all about a delivery burger.

Chosen Bun food. Picture: Richard MarshamChosen Bun food. Picture: Richard Marsham

“They started looking for ingredients; they went to America and tried over a thousand different beef patties. They’ve taken it a step further, even in the way the burger’s built – so where the patty goes, where the chutney goes – it’s all been considered so you don’t get soggy baps at the top and the bottom.

“They are a 100 per cent on using the best ingredients they possibly can.”

He added: “Fulham has been hitting delivery times of around 20 minutes, and we’re trying to better that wherever we go.”

As 2013 Startups Awards finalists and entrants into the Startups Top 20 2013, Chosen Bun has received a number of business accolades for its innovative proposition: the UK’s first burger delivery service.

Managing director Ian Hetherington, who joined the company in January 2016, said: “Pete and Andy met at a party. Pete was working for Coca-Cola Enterprises, Andy was doing some recruitment work.

“They were having a general chat and realised there was a gap in the market – no one delivers a good burger properly.”

In terms of continued expansion, another store will be launching soon in Oxford and there are plans for more around the country.

Matt added: “It’s a limited menu but we’ve chosen the best of everything we do; there’s one vegetarian burger on there, but they’ve just all been very well thought through.

“As far as point of difference is concerned, our biggest thing is the delivery and making sure you get the burger in one piece.”

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