La Raza Cambridge presents a selection of cocktails to ring in the new year

PUBLISHED: 11:30 28 December 2017 | UPDATED: 16:38 28 December 2017

La Raza's pick of new year cocktails. Picture: Keith Heppell

La Raza's pick of new year cocktails. Picture: Keith Heppell

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The talented mixologists at the popular establishment on Rose Crescent have been experimenting with ingredients and techniques in order to create unique flavours and tastes.

Anthony Chan, chief mixologist at La Raza. Picture: Keith HeppellAnthony Chan, chief mixologist at La Raza. Picture: Keith Heppell

The new menu showcases their hard work and skill and offers drinks you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

Here are their five picks:

Sherry Crusta

A lip-smacking and enlivening drink to kick-start your New Year’s Eve and keep you light on your feet throughout the night. Embrace the sherry revival!

Tio Pepe fino sherry, Luxardo maraschino, dry curacao, lemon. Shake up and serve in a small sugar-rimmed coupette with a twist of lemon zest.

Clarified Rum Martini

Once you go clarified, you never go back. A technical twist on something so simple, yet so beautiful. A real mind-blower.

Plantation 3 star white rum, clarified lime juice, a touch of sugar. Shake and serve.

Morning Malone

An intense aromatic twist on a sours, with a nod to our friendly neighbours at Jo Malone.

Oolong tea-infused gin, Italicus Rosolio Di Bergmotto, lavender bitters, lemon, gum arabic. Shake hard and serve with edible flower. Gum negates the need for egg white in this modern sours.

That’ll Falernum

An outrageously nutty, spicy and tropical tiki bomb! Proceed with caution, this potent elixir could teach you a lesson or two.

Navy rum, yellow chartreuse, Pizz & Pig’s falernum, bitters, lime, apricot, grapefruit soda. Shake and serve long with an XL pineapple garnish – the wackier the glass the better.

Rose Crescent

A fruity, floral Champagne cocktail. Perfect for midnight celebrations and decadent toasts.

Tanqueray, rose liqueur, Campari, bitters, lemon, Champagne. Shake all but the Champagne, strain into a flute, then top with the bubbles.

All drinks available at La Raza. Happy hours 5pm-7pm, 9pm-10pm.

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