Sarah Kelman of Cambridge Camera Club discusses her love of wildlife

PUBLISHED: 19:00 11 December 2017

Bears in mist. Picture: Sarah Kelman

Bears in mist. Picture: Sarah Kelman


The photographer has always had a passion for wildlife and adventure.

Coyote fight. Picture: Sarah KelmanCoyote fight. Picture: Sarah Kelman

As a child, I was a budding Gerald Durrell, obsessed with discovering the many animals and plants around me and sharing them with my family.

As I grew older, I got a taste for the wilderness and began to explore more remote areas.

It was only in the last decade that I was able to combine these passions with a passion for photography as the digital age freed me from the constraints of film photography.

I think our childlike love of snow can extend into adulthood and I am never happier than when sat in sub-zero temperatures waiting for a wildlife encounter.

Hares in mist. Picture: Sarah KelmanHares in mist. Picture: Sarah Kelman

This is always the harshest time for all species and those that can withstand the severe northern winters are worthy subjects for photography.

I try to make my images pictorial as well as documentary to capture a feel for the harsh yet beautiful landscapes these species call home.

I have been fortunate to photograph wildlife in the snows of the Scottish Highlands, Finland, North America and Iceland.

During the other months, I photograph more familiar species closer to home.

Black grouse in white. Picture: Sarah KelmanBlack grouse in white. Picture: Sarah Kelman

In Cambridgeshire, I conduct bird surveys for the British Trust for Ornithology.

We have some stunning wildlife on our own doorstep and we should not overlook what is in our back yards in our quest for adventure.

Hard winter. Picture: Sarah KelmanHard winter. Picture: Sarah Kelman

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