Cambridge Vegan Fair set to get 2000 visitors

PUBLISHED: 13:06 25 November 2016 | UPDATED: 13:22 25 November 2016

vegan fair

vegan fair


Are you going to the Cambridge Vegan Fair?

The third Cambridge Vegan Fair will take place at the Guildhall this Sunday.

Organised by Green Councillor Oscar Gillespie, the event will open at 9am, attended by the city mayor Jeremy Benstead.

The organisers hope to have 2000 visitors and 50 stallholders from national charities and local businesses. These include the Vegan Society, Viva, the Rainbow Cafe, Stem and Glory and Ombar.

Stephen Walsh, chair of the UK Vegan Society, is a Cambridge resident.

He said: “Honesty and accuracy are key when it comes to nutritional advice.

“The good news is that vegans can be at least as healthy as the most health-conscious omnivore with much less harm to the environment, the animals and the developing world.”

Organiser, Mr Gillespie said: “For me, going vegan was about causing less violence to animals to be done in my name. But there are benefits for the environment and for your own health.

“There are fantastic alternatives available, the idea that it’s a sacrifice is dated.

“Everyone is welcome to come and try some of these vegan options.”

Anyone wishing to volunteer to help on the day, or who wishes to enquire further, should contact Mr Gillespie on

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