Calls for Cambridge resident parking schemes to forge ahead

PUBLISHED: 13:08 15 March 2017 | UPDATED: 17:05 16 March 2017

Parking problems on Marshall Road in Cambridge. Picture: Keith Heppell

Parking problems on Marshall Road in Cambridge. Picture: Keith Heppell

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County councillors want more work done in designing schemes, but city councillors want residents to be offered the schemes as soon as possible.

Plans for new resident parking schemes in Cambridge will go back to the drawing board after discussions at Cambridgeshire County Council yesterday (Tuesday).

Cllr John Hipkin said: “Basically we have deferred a decision until later in the year. There was a great deal of deliberation about displacement and the piecemeal approach proposed.”

The county council is considering 26 zones where schemes could be beneficial. Of these, six areas are decided and waiting for zones to be put in place.

Parking in all these locations has been identitfied as problematic and is expected to get worse as the city grows, but if a ‘piecemeal’ approach is taken it is feared that zones opting not to have permits could end up getting inundated with ‘displaced’ commuters.

County officers are to go back to the drawing board and attempt to mitigate the concerns of councillors, potentially instating a city-wide parking permit.

The decision comes after the City Deal put £1million forward to get the ball rolling on resident parking schemes around the city, which would pay the set-up of the parking zones, usually fronted by residents.

Councillor Lewis Herbert, leader of Cambridge City Council and chair of the City Deal Board said consultation across the 26 proposed areas should proceed without delay. He said: “Many residents across Cambridge cannot park in their own streets because they are dominated by commuters during the daytime. They have been asking for their say on parking for over a year, and detailed joint development work has been underway throughout that time by City and County Councillors and county officers.

“Only last week, the City Deal Board agreed funding up to £1million for consultations on the 26 Residents Parking Zone areas and to fund all the initial set-up ‘signing and lining’ costs if schemes are supported by at least 50 per cent of residents in an area. We also backed a parallel parking strategy review as it was not necessary to hold up these vital consultations while that happened.

“We will be asking the county council to review this decision, so city residents can have their rightful say ‘yes or no’ on parking schemes for all twenty six areas across the city. All we are saying is give them a choice, and soon.”

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