Clutter concerns delay bike-sharing company Ofo’s Cambridge launch

PUBLISHED: 11:19 31 March 2017

ofo bikes

ofo bikes


The yellow bikes were expected in March.

The city council has met with Chinese bike-sharing company Ofo to address concerns about the 500 bicycles that were set to be deposited around Cambridge this month.

Ofo’s yellow bikes are free-standing, GPS-tracked and unlocked by using an app. They’ve been called ‘Uber for bikes’, similar to London’s Boris Bikes, only those need to be returned to a dock.

A council spokesperson told the Cambridge Independent: “We recently met with representatives from Ofo to discuss their plans to launch a public bike-sharing scheme in Cambridge.

“Whilst we are keen to promote cycling and to increase the numbers of people cycling in the city, we have concerns about how public bike schemes, such as Ofo’s, will work and how issues such as poorly parked scheme bikes cluttering our streets and pavements and causing a nuisance and obstruction to pedestrians and other cyclists will be managed.

“We have discussed our concerns with Ofo and are seeking to work with them, and with any other public bike scheme operator, 
to ensure these are properly considered and addressed prior to the scheme being launched.

“We have asked Ofo for further information on their proposed business plan and operating procedures for the Cambridge bike scheme, which we can then review to ensure they have the required staff and resources to be able to deal with any issues that may occur.

“There is currently no legislation in place to control how public bike schemes, such as Ofo’s, operate in the UK.

“We will continue to look for ways to increase cycle parking in the city centre to cater for both existing demand and potential demand generated from such public bike schemes.”

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