Football monument will be revealed on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge in May

PUBLISHED: 10:38 27 April 2018 | UPDATED: 10:58 27 April 2018

A permanent monument to Cambridge's nvolvment in the formation of the rules of football is to be unveiled on Parker's Piece next month

A permanent monument to Cambridge's nvolvment in the formation of the rules of football is to be unveiled on Parker's Piece next month


Birthplace of football rules to be celebrated with permanent sculpture

How the monument on Parker's Piece will lookHow the monument on Parker's Piece will look

A sculpture that celebrates Cambridge’s role in the history of Association Football will be unveiled on Parker’s Piece in May.

The monument commemorates the Cambridge Rules, which were formulated in the city in 1848, and then went on to form the basis for the rules of the game published by the Football Association in 1863.

The sculpture will form nine pieces with the rules, in many different languages, written into them.

Four of the pieces are set to stay in a permanent position on Parker’s Piece.

The sculpture will be officially revealed at noon on May 12, on the corner of Parker’s Piece by Parkside and Mill Road.

A statement on the Cambridge Rules 1848 website announced: “We’re delighted to announce that our eagerly awaited sculptural piece marking the birthplace of football as we know it today will be unveiled at Parker’s Piece in Cambridge on Saturday, May 12 at noon – and we’d love people to come and see it.

“There will also be an opportunity to watch two special games of football, pick up a commemorative newspaper and meet the artists Alan Ward and Neville Gabie.

“It’s part of an exciting day of celebrations on Parker’s Piece which will also include two ‘town vs gown’ football matches in association with Cambridge United FC and Community Trust, featuring women’s teams from Cambridge United and the University of Cambridge and a men’s match between a Cambridgeshire FA Select XI and the University of Cambridge.

“Organised 11-a-side matches are very rare on Parker’s Piece so it will be fantastic to see games of football played on the very patch of ground where the sport’s rules were formalised.”

There will also be a free commemorative newspaper telling the story of the commission, the work of our partners Street Child United and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club, and which will also explore the journey of both the four stones to Cambridge and the five others which will travel to Brazil, Kenya, China, India and Egypt.

The sculpture, called Written In Stone - Interpreted Worldwide - Brought Back To Cambridge, is made of granite and cost £115,000 provided by a cash fund from developers.

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