Last chance to have your say on City Deal congestion plans

PUBLISHED: 09:00 09 October 2016

Traffic congestion in Cambridge - CIty Deal

Traffic congestion in Cambridge - CIty Deal

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The eight-point plan and how it affects you

Today is your last chance to have your say formally on plans to ease the city’s gridlock.

The Greater Cambridge City Deal consultation is planning to introduce an eight-point plan in Autumn next year to see if measures can be put in place to ease city congestion.

The eight-point package includes significantly improving public transport, including more and reliable bus journeys and investment in Park & Ride, enhanced cycling and walking infrastructure and less traffic at rush-hour on key routes into the city through the use of PCCPs.

A Workplace Parking Levy coupled with greater restrictions for on-street parking will both help reduce traffic and raise new revenue to reinvest in local transport.

The proposals include expansion of a travel planning service, to help people and businesses adapt to changes, and smart travel – more use of technology to ease journeys.

Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader of Cambridge City Council and Chair of the Greater Cambridge City Deal Executive Board, which is leading on the plans, said: “Over the past three months we have been working to raise awareness of why it’s so important, for the future health and economy of the city, that we take a grip and tackle the city’s dire congestion problem decisively.

“Through research and consultation we developed a package of eight measures which, taken together, would lead to less traffic, make bus travel reliable and generate new funding to reinvest in better public transport, cycling and walking.

“We have talked to and listened to thousands of people already and we’re hearing the concerns being raised from some about Peak-Time Congestion Control Points.

“What I can say is that this feedback will be taken into account before we arrive at any final decision, which in the case of PCCPs will include where they are located, what time they operate, how traffic would flow and special cases that are being made for exemptions.

“We will work with local bus operators and use our own resources to implement a range of bus service improvements and wider, positive interventions, timed to be implemented when changes are made, and make alternatives to car commuting attractive - for those who can consider it - to cut peak-time congestion.

There has been strong views from many different parties in Cambridge. Three city streets that could be the site of PCCPs were marched down on Thursday in protest of how the measures could negatively affect local business owners.

More than 6,000 people so far have had their say on the plans and more than 20 businesses based in Cambridge have taken up the offer of ‘lunchtime briefings’ to encourage employees to share their views.

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