Queen Edith’s residents up in arms over Cambridgeshire county parking scheme proposals

PUBLISHED: 05:31 27 February 2017

Wendy Pickford and Caroline Ian (left) on the Rock Road and Blinco Grove junction. Picture: Keith Heppell

Wendy Pickford and Caroline Ian (left) on the Rock Road and Blinco Grove junction. Picture: Keith Heppell

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A parking permit scheme is dividing a city neighbourhood.

Residents have submitted a petition to the county council to raise objections to proposed residents’ parking zones in Queen Edith’s ward.

The petition was taken to 253 homes in the area around the proposed parking scheme, and resident report 77 per cent of signatories were against it going forward.

It stand in contrast to an informal consultation held last year which reported that 59 per cent of residents supported the scheme. At the time, residents appealed saying a larger opposition was not recorded because only 40 per cent of people responded.

The county council had held a consultation on the introduction of residents parking zones which ended on Friday, February 17, and the new petition was submitted for consideration.

Wendy Pickford, who organised the petition, said it was about a lack of thorough and extensive consultation with the community from the outset.

She said: “This led to a scheme being proposed that many of us in the area consider is flawed and will lead to considerable displacement of cars in the local area and to areas nearby - basically pushing the problem on a few streets.

“We petitioned 253 houses and had an overwhelming 77 per cent support.

“We hope that the strength of support for the petition will flag to the council the extent to which people that haven’t been able to have the input they would have liked in the design of the scheme, would like to find the best solution for the area.”

The petition was conducted between 11 – 16 February by a group of residents who live within the area covered by the proposed scheme.

From the petition, residents reported the number of houses objecting to the parking scheme is 194 out of 253 total petitioned, 77 per cent.

Last year’s informal consultation reported the number of houses than supported the parking scheme was 162 out of 274, 59 per cent. The consultation contacted 680 residencies.

Ms Pickford continued: “On the basis of the strength of these results, showing deep concerns both about this proposed scheme and our ability to be fully involved in the development of a scheme, we call for the proposed Traffic Regulation Order to be withdrawn and full and genuine public engagement entered into in order to devise alternative options or schemes and gain wider public support for residents parking in the community.”

The consultation responses will be considered at a council meeting on March 14.

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