Residents in fight to save No. 7 Trumpington bus service

PUBLISHED: 07:30 14 December 2017 | UPDATED: 10:04 14 December 2017

Trumpington bus residents trying to get bus route closure overturned outside the post office in Anstey Way in Trumpington.

Trumpington bus residents trying to get bus route closure overturned outside the post office in Anstey Way in Trumpington.

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Residents have voiced their dismay with council officials

Trumpington residents are battling to restore a bus service which has been discontinued by Stagecoach East.

They have collected 150 signatures and met with the county council in their fight to restore the Citi 7 service.

They say they are dismayed by the loss of the route, which means there is no direct service into the city and just one school bus in the morning and afternoon.

Stagecoach East, however, says a new number 25 that will serve Great Kneighton and Trumpington will offer a solution.

Campaigner John Hague said: “The rerouting of the Citi 7 bus and the contraction of the 26 and 27 services has had a very significant adverse impact on Trumpington residents. There is now no direct service into the city. We do not believe that Stagecoach’s proposed figure-of-eight service is the answer.

“There is just one service at 7.45am for children who attend Sawston Village College. The return bus leaves around 3.30pm. This clearly disadvantages children who may have doctor’s appointments or who want to attend after-school clubs.

“The result is more parents are driving their children to school. This only adds to the problems of congestion and environmental pollution. There has been a significant adverse impact on elderly and disabled people.

“They have relied on the bus service to get to Waitrose or the shops in Anstey Way – particularly the chemist and the post office. The staff at the post office tell me of one pensioner in his 90s who can no longer collect his pension and pay his bills at the post office.”

However, Andy Campbell, managing director of Stagecoach East, said: “We were asked to find a way to reduce the journey time for the Citi 7 service from Saffron Walden, Sawston and Stapleford, in order to make this route more attractive by public transport and reduce the number of cars coming into the Addenbrooke’s campus and the city centre.

“However, because we were determined not to cut the service to Trumpington village – which would have provided immediate 
time savings – it’s taken a while to find a viable solution.

“The new number 25, which will shortly be serving Great Kneighton and Trumpington village, will provide Trumpington residents with a better ‘internal’ village service than Citi 7 was able to offer.

“It will link the old and new areas of the village, as well as serving the new health centre.”

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