Campaigner calls for ban on pelvic mesh implants as safety review hearing heads for Cambridge

PUBLISHED: 12:39 06 October 2018 | UPDATED: 12:42 06 October 2018

A mesh used in surgery

A mesh used in surgery


Mesh can cause chronic pain and sepsis - and some women have had to have their badder or bowel removed

A woman leading the campaign to ban pelvic mesh implants because of the complications they may cause is urging patients to speak out at a government review.

Cambridgeshire campaigner Kath Sansom wants women who believe their lives have been changed beyond repair by an operation performed to treat prolapse and incontinence to come forward.

They will have a chance to tell their stories at the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review hearing, led by Baroness Cumberledge, which will be in Cambridge on Monday, October 15.

Ms Sansom, of the Sling The Mesh campaign group, said: “The pain this procedure can cause is indescribable.

“I’ve been in contact with women in Cambridgeshire who are suffering serious complications from pelvic mesh implants. This procedure was promoted as a ‘quick fix’ for urinary stress incontinence and prolapse – but the plastic can twist, shrink, go brittle and degrade inside the body.

“It can attach and slice through organs causing chronic pain, sepsis, loss of sex life and, for some women, they need to have their bladder or bowel removed. Women contact our group daily feeling suicidal from the pain pelvic mesh implants have caused them.

“If you, or a loved one, have been experiencing complications following the procedure then I urge you to share your story with Baroness Cumberledge and the government’s independent review.”

Ms Sansom has suffered complications from the operation herself which have left her in daily agony. “I really hope women will go along and tell their stories so the review hears about the problems they have endured.

“I would also urge anyone who has suffered prolapse or incontinence, often caused by having large babies, to try physiotherapy before they have surgery as it can help in 80 percent of cases.”

The hearing is at the Homerton Conference Centre between 1pm and 3pm on October 15.

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