Will Cambridgeshire Mayor candidate Stephen Goldspink win your vote?

PUBLISHED: 14:20 28 February 2017 | UPDATED: 14:20 28 February 2017

Stephen Goldspink, English Democrats

Stephen Goldspink, English Democrats


Candidates for the May 4th mayoral election tell the Cambridge Independent why people should vote for them.

Stephen Goldspink, businessman, English Democrats

Why should people vote for you?

I have experience as a local Councillor (2002-2012) and running my own project management business, and my record in both shows that I deliver results.

As Mayor, I will work for the whole of Cambridgeshire and will ensure that funding for infrastructure, jobs and housing is allocated fairly across the County.

I will ensure that the people of Cambridgeshire know who I am and the areas of policy and delivery that I can influence, and will encourage all electors to approach me with ideas and feedback.

I will promote the many advantages for business that Cambridgeshire offers and build on the existing initiatives to bring in high value, high wage industries wherever possible.

I will lobby for delivery of democracy at levels closer to the electorate; I am against large, faceless authorities including any regional authorities and in favour of elected bodies that have very clear links to local people.

Cambridge has £70m for new housing – how should this be spent?

£70m sounds a lot but it won’t go far. I would like to see this money spent creating starter homes to get people on the housing ladder and perhaps provide some tailored accommodation for the elderly, but we also need to run a program to bring derelict and unoccupied property into use to maximise use of the existing housing stock. It is very frustrating to see property unoccupied when it could be in use.

How would you approach working with the City Deal and Cambridgeshire County Council to improve transport/infrastructure?

I have a particular interest in improving transport infrastructure and believe that bringing this into the Mayor’s sphere allows opportunities to fully integrate transport plans and rub out the local authority boundaries that have so often led to poor decisions; in particular I would seek the views of residents about the problems that they see locally and their ideas to solve them.

I am in favour of the motor car as the pre-eminent means of transport in our largely rural County and will resist attempts to demonise the motor car and motorists.

The recent news about a clampdown on diesel cars shows that the only aim of Governments in hijacking the environmental agenda is to raise revenue, not look after the nation’s health.

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