First And Third and Caius among the Fairbairn Cup winners

PUBLISHED: 07:00 08 December 2017

Fairbairn Cup, rowing on the Cam, first race of day two at 9.30. Picture: Keith Heppell

Fairbairn Cup, rowing on the Cam, first race of day two at 9.30. Picture: Keith Heppell

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Crews take to the Cam for annual event

First and Third Trinity Boat Club and Caius were the fastest crews in the Fairbairn Cup on the River Cam.

The annual head race is held over various distances, depending on the category; with racing up river, starting at the Jesus College Boathouse flagpole.

It was Caius that were the quickest overall, finishing the 2,700m men’s novice VIIIs race at The Railings in 9min 56.3sec, with Lady Marget second in 10.04.9.

First and Third won the women’s novice VIIIs in 11.45.4, with Lady Margaret second in 12.00.5.

The fastest men’s second Novice VIII were also Caius, with the women’s second quickest novice VIII being Newnham.

In the men’s senior VIIIs, Cambridge Lightweights clocked 14.25.00, but were racing time only.

Cantabrigian were second in 14.49.8, taking the invitational honours, which meant Oriel were the penant winners in 14.55.2.

And in the women’s senior VIIIs, invitational crew Cantabs were first in 16.04.8, with Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club second in 16.45.3.

It meant the penant winners were Jesus College in 17.13.5, ahead of Emmanuel in 17.33.5.

In the men’s senior IVs, Magdalene and Pembroke shared top billing as by the rules, as crews within one second of each other mean they are tied; and their times were 11.52.8 and 11.53.4 respectively.

The women’s senior IVs saw invitational crew Cantabrigian clock the fastest time of 13.26.2, so the penant went to Trinity Hall. They timed 13.54.4 to finish ahead of Newnham II, who clocked 13.55.5.

Results: Men’s Novice VIIIs – 1 Caius 9.56.3, 2 Lady Margaret 10.04.9, 3 First And Third Trinity 10.17.2, 4 St Catharine’s 10.32.3, 5 Christ’s II 10.40.1; Women’s Novice VIIIs – 1 First And Third Trinity 11.45.4, 2 Lady Margaret 12.00.5, 3 King’s 12.04.8, 4 Emmanuel 12.04.8, 5 Jesus 12.22.8; Men’s Senior VIIIs – 1 CULRC 14.25.00, 2 Cantabrigian 14.49.8, 3 Oriel 14.55.2, 4 CULRC II 15.00.7, 5 Jesus 15.10.7; Women’s Senior VIIIs – 1 Cantabrigian 16.04.8, 2 CUWBC 16.45.3, 3 Jesus 17.13.5, 4 Emmanuel 17.33.6, 5 Downing 17.37.8; Men’s Senior IV – 1 Magdalene 11.52.8, 2 Pembroke 11.53.4, 3 Trinity Hall 12.06.7, 4 Cantabrigian 12.07.8, 5 Downing 12.09.4; Women’s Senior IVs – 1 Cantabrigian 13.26.2, 2 Trinity Hall 13.54.4, 3 Newnham II 13.55, 4 Peterhouse 14.32.4, 5 Churchill 14.32.8.

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