Sport in the Community Awards: Michaela Joysey goes the extra mile for runners

PUBLISHED: 12:03 08 March 2017 | UPDATED: 12:11 08 March 2017

Cambridge Parkrun volunteer Michaela Joysey

Cambridge Parkrun volunteer Michaela Joysey


Champion and school of the month winners in awards

Michaela Joysey is the champion of the month.

Parkruns have been an ever-growing phenomena in the last decade, and Michaela has taken on a lead role in the Cambridge edition in the last three years.

The Cambridge Parkrun is held at Milton Country Park every Saturday morning, with between 450 to 500 runners 
each week.

Michaela has helped organise the volunteers for 133 races, with about 110 of them in the last three years.

When she got married last year, Michaela and her husband-to-be did the parkrun with some of the wedding party before the big event in the afternoon.

“Michaela nearly every week is the person responsible for carolling the volunteers,” said Paul Beastall, one of the event directors.

“She makes sure we have a roster so that we can deliver a safe run. She turns up early nearly every week to ensure those volunteers are briefed to make sure they can do the job accurately.

“She is one of the stalwarts to make sure the event can happen. When I took over, Michaela stepped up to take this role.

“Some weeks it’s great and manages quite easily and other weeks she has to work quite hard.

“Each week there is a run director but there are about eight of us that share that role, but Michaela up until recently has been the volunteer co-ordinator on her own.

“She was the most prolific volunteer last year.”

School of the month:

Westfield Junior School in St Ives are the school of the month for their ongoing support in engaging girls with sport at their school.

Westfield Junior have a number of opportunities for girls to get involved with sports clubs and have recently started a football club which has had a lot of uptake.

Westfield work hard to make all their sports accessible to any child. They actively support development of football, no matter what the child’s gender.

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