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A big 'hola' to Must Dash Amigos for July 16

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Colourful - Must Dash Amigos is priced at £14.99 for the Xbox One
Colourful - Must Dash Amigos is priced at £14.99 for the Xbox One

Must Dash Amigos, the debut game from new indie studio miniBeast Games on Xbox One, goes on sale on July 16.

Designers Ben Lowther and Anthony Brunton-Douglas have a Jagex connection – they met in 2011 while working on Runescape. Ben has since left the studio, Anthony still works full-time for the Science Park-based success story.

“We just wanted a pick-up-and-play multiplayer game we could have a quick go on during our lunch breaks,” says Ben. “But there was a distinct lack of games that allowed us to do that on current gen consoles, so we decided to make our own.”

Must Dash Amigos - a "vibrant, humorous battle-racing game filled with piñata stampedes, avocados and tequila" - began life after a Jagex Game Jam back in 2015. With the blessing of Jagex the pair continued to evolve the title in their spare time, with Ben taking the plunge to become a full-time indie developer in January this year.

The game features several modes with varying mechanics, but the heart and soul of the game is multiplayer race mode where players must outlast their opponents amidst explosions, piñata stampedes, and all sorts of chaos. There are no micro transactions in the game, instead players earn an in-game currency - called Moustachios - solely through gameplay. Moustachios can then be used to unlock different outfits for each of the four unique characters in the game which has already won its first award at Game Anglia 2018.

The citation read: “With just over 500 people attending on the day, a record-breaking 28 indie games appeared at the show. Once all the votes were in and counted, the Indie Showcase ‘Game of The Show’ award went to the hugely addictive and hilarious racing game Must Dash Amigos by miniBeast Studios.”

"We're delighted to be on the brink of launching a debut game, especially on consoles," Ben told the Cambridge Independent. "Having a solid production plan and roadmap helped us immensely, and we should have done that much earlier in development really. The biggest challenge now is reaching an audience and trying to raise awareness of the game."

Must Dash Amigos will soon be available on Steam priced at £14.99, and will also launch on Nintendo Switch launch later in the year.

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