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AI VIVO seeks collaborators as 41 of its top-ranked potential Covid-19 drugs enter trials

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AI VIVO is seeking collaborators to progress more of the candidate drugs it has identified as potential Covid-19 treatments.

The Cambridge company, which uses a unique phenotypic drug discovery method, says 41 of the candidates in its top-ranked list are already in clinical trials by groups around the world.

Peyman Gifani, CEO of AI VIVO (34459568)
Peyman Gifani, CEO of AI VIVO (34459568)

It sees this as a validation of the power of its technique, which used samples from Covid-19 infected cells to build a model for the disease that was then used to rank 90,000 compounds.

The top-ranked list represents only 0.3 per cent of the evaluated drugs.

Dr Peyman Gifani, AI VIVO founder and CEO, said: “This is a great validation of AI VIVO’s phenotypic approach to modelling diseases and the effects of drugs.

“Our panel of experts believe there are combinations of other top-ranked drugs that will be more effective than any single drug and we are keen to share our results with pharma companies and clinical trial investigators to support the fight against Covid-19.

“We are also offering to cross check the candidates from other investigators to help predict combinations to improve drug efficacy, reduce undesirable side effects and optimise the dosage.’’

The Cambridge Independent reported last month how the company drew up a shortlist of compounds in just 15 days using its combination of pharmacology and artificial intelligence.

At that stage, five drug candidates from the list had already been selected.

Now, 41 of its top-ranked compounds are in testing, including:

  • Tyrosine kinase inhibitors such as Imatinib (Novartis) and Nintedanib (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis drugs including Tofacitinib (Pfizer)
  • Ruxolitinib (Incyte) and Baracitinib (Eli Lilly) as JAK inhibitors
  • Valsartan (Novartis) as an angiotensin receptor inhibitor
  • Ibrutinib as a BTK inhibitor (Janssen Pharmaceutica – AbbVie)
  • Dapagliflozin as a SGLT2 inhibitor (AstraZeneca)

Dr David Cleevely, lead investor in AI VIVO, said: “Now that our approach has been validated, we are expanding our interactions with government agencies and pharmaceutical companies to review the top ranked drugs which have not yet been selected for trials, but have the potential to make a real difference in the fight against Covid-19.”

David Cleevely. (34459687)
David Cleevely. (34459687)

AI VIVO’s approach does not rely on any prior knowledge or known information related to the disease or compounds.

The list of 41 can be found at aivivo.co/covid-19.

Biotech or pharma companies, or clinical trial investigators, can be reached at covid19@aivivo.co.

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