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Arm acquires Silicon Valley's Treasure Data to complete Internet of Things jigsaw

Arm says its acquisition will help it provide a complete IoT solution for companies
Arm says its acquisition will help it provide a complete IoT solution for companies

Cambridge chipmaker creates Pelion, an industry first device-to-data IoT platform

Arm has acquired Silicon Valley-based Treasure Data in what it described as the “final piece” of its Internet of Things (IoT) enablement puzzle.

The Cambridge chipmaker and designer says the acquisition of the enterprise data management leader allows it to complete an industry-first device-to-data IoT platform, which it is calling Pelion.

Details of the deal were not disclosed by either party but sources told Bloomberg that Treasure Data stood to collect $600m (£475m) from the deal.

Dipesh Patel, president of the IoT services group at Arm, said: “The Pelion IoT Platform will enable companies to seamlessly and securely connect and manage IoT devices and data at any scale. It’s designed to work on public and private clouds, on-premises and in hybrid environments, delivering ultimate flexibility in IoT system architectures.

“This will allow companies to quickly turn IoT and enterprise data into insights capable of unlocking new opportunities for them and their customers. The Pelion IoT Platform will also provide unified billing that lowers infrastructure costs, increases operational efficiency, and eliminates integration headaches.”

The platform combines technologies from Treasure Data, Arm’s acquisition in June of London-based connectivity management company Stream and Arm’s own Mbed Cloud.

As a solution, it promises to offer customers device, connectivity and data management.

“The Internet of Things will give businesses superpowers,” said Dipesh. “Whether it’s an energy provider drawing data from its infrastructure to sense failures; a sensor-equipped building anticipating and then proactively dealing with occupants’ needs; or a retailer using data streams from its stores and warehouses to streamline operations – IoT systems can be transformational.

“But unlike fictional superheroes who’re often born with their abilities, any business wanting to develop IoT superpowers requires help. That must come from the technology sector, and three specific elements: investment, solutions and ecosystems.”

Dipesh said Treasure Data technology enables customers to aggregate and translate “massive volumes of scattered and siloed data” from any source – CRM, ecommerce systems, edge, IoT devices and third-party data.

“The result for customers is an ability to derive meaningful and actionable insights from any disparate data mix,” said Dipesh.

The Treasure Data Platform also continues as a standalone service for existing and new customers.

“It will remain an important part of industry IoT enablement, providing the ability to harness new, complex edge and device data within a comprehensive customer profile to personalise their products and improve their experiences,” said Dipesh.

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