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Be proactive about your ear health

Sponsored feature | Trevor Chapman, director and lead audiologist, angli-EAR Hearing

Trevor Chapman, of angli-EAR. Picture: angli-EAR
Trevor Chapman, of angli-EAR. Picture: angli-EAR

I want to chat about something that’s been making waves – the recent buzz around earwax removal services in the NHS. The issue is not just about troublesome earwax; it’s about keeping our ears and hearing in tip-top shape.

You might have heard that nearly 10 million people in England are facing challenges accessing free NHS earwax removal services. It’s a bit of a sticky situation, with some people (alarmingly!) resorting to risky DIY methods. I always advise clients: NEVER stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear!

As a local audiologist, I want to stress how crucial it is to talk about earwax removal because of its impact on our overall hearing health.

Earwax build-up can be a real pain, causing issues like tinnitus, earaches, and hearing loss. Ignoring these signs can lead to social isolation and a dip in our general wellbeing. So, my advice? Don’t let it linger – seek professional help when needed.

But here’s the thing – earwax removal isn’t just about feeling better immediately. It’s also an opportunity for a sneak peek into your hearing health. Regular check-ups can help catch potential hearing problems early on, giving you a chance to nip them in the bud.

Now, let’s talk about how to get it done right. Earwax removal is a medical procedure and should be handled by the pros – trained, experienced, and qualified individuals who know their stuff. Please, resist the temptation to try those at-home methods or visit your local beauty salon. Trust me, it’s worth going to the right people to get your wax removed safely, effectively and painlessly.

So, what’s my point in all this? Despite the changes to the NHS wax removal service over the years, please be proactive about your ear health. Regular check-ups with qualified ear care professionals can make a world of difference in maintaining top-notch hearing health.

Cheers to happy ears!

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