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Clenzair steps up UK installation of air purification system used to keep Covid-19 at bay in The White House

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The active air purification system used by The White House to clean the air of Covid-19 virus particles is being installed in English leisure centres, bars and workplaces by a South Cambridgeshire company.

Papworth Everard-based Clenzair says it has seen a big demand for the state-of-the-art technology, known as needlepoint bipolar ionisation (NPBI), which is designed to kill pathogens by introducing air cleaning ions into the airstream.

Clenzair's installation at Butlins
Clenzair's installation at Butlins

Since the Cambridge Independent reported on the company last October, it has been busy installing the system into sites including the John Warner Sports Centre in Hoddesdon and Laura Trott Leisure Centre in Cheshunt, both in Hertfordshire, the Moor Park Specialist Dentist Centre in Northwood, north-west London, and Butlins in Bognor Regis.

Clenzair says the system produces a high concentration of positive (H+) and negative (O2-) ions, which surround harmful pathogens and react as hydroxyl (OH) radicals. By removing hydrogen from the cell walls of microbes, it is said to inactivate them at a cellular level.

This process occurs naturally outdoors, but there are lower concentrations of ions indoors.

A Clenzair unit
A Clenzair unit

There have been concern that some systems using NPBI can introduce ozone or volatile organic chemicals as harmful byproducts, but Clenzair says laboratory tests of the technology it installs, from US company GPS, shows it does not.

It is certified to the UL2998 standard to demonstrate that it does not release ozone, and holds ISO 16000-3, ISO 16000-6 and ISO 16000-9 certifications to prove that no by-products are created.

Clenzair director Bradley Watkins told the Cambridge Independent: “Needlepoint bipolar ionisation is an ‘active’ air purification system which means it can kill Covid particles suspended in the air or on surface in the room,

“It is not just cleaning the air it pulls through it, but every part of the space in a given area, including surfaces. Most importantly, it can be in operation 24/7 while people are present and does not create ozone.

“Almost all other air purification systems on the market are known as ‘passive’ filtration. For it to neutralise viruses such as Covid, it would first have to pull it through the air, forcing it to cross paths with people and surfaces before it can be passed across some sort of filter or UV light to even have a chance of removing Covid particles from the air and it doesn’t sanitise surfaces.”

Clenzair's installation in a cafe
Clenzair's installation in a cafe

Tests at the accredited Innovative Bioanalysis laboratory in California has shown the system is capable of killing the coronavirus.

Clenzair says it also neutralises pathogens such as MRSA, bird flu, swine flu, ebola and E.Coli.

The system is already protecting President Joe Biden and his staff at The White House, and is also installed in the US at Google offices, Starbucks headquarters and at Harvard University.

Clenzair's installation in a gym
Clenzair's installation in a gym

It can be housed in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

“As we learn to live with Covid, this extraordinary technology is designed to make the inside as safe as outside,” said Bradley. “This air purification system can neutralise Covid at the point of transmission.

“At Clenzair, we’re already involved in several projects which are rapidly accelerating as people see this amazing technology at work. This is the future of indoor air quality.”

Clenzair's installation in a gym
Clenzair's installation in a gym

And it is already in place at a variety of settings in the UK, including the Be At One bar in Birmingham and Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen in Fitzrovia.

“Since Clenzair launched we've seen a big uptake from businesses in the hospitality sector, such as bars, restaurants and hotels, as well as holiday camps, leisure centres and gyms, retail shops, dentists and we’ve even worked on some residential home projects,” said Bradley.

"This technology is also ideal for care homes, schools, colleges, universities, shopping centres, offices, warehouses and any inside space where people congregate.”

Clenzair's installation in a studio
Clenzair's installation in a studio

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