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First 5G video call between Chile and UK hosted in Cambridge

Camnexus facilitated the first 5G video call between the UK and Chile last month.

Dr Ocampos during her talk at the CW 5G testbed demo Day at TusPark
Dr Ocampos during her talk at the CW 5G testbed demo Day at TusPark

The historic moment followed Camnexus’ participation in last month’s 5G Accelerator, the first private 5G testbed programme for British companies, organised by Cambridge Wireless (CW) and Huawei in UK.

The CW testbed was made available at the Bio Innovation Centre on Cambridge Science Park. Camnexus used the opportunity to add a 5G option as a new feature of the Camnexus LPWAN gateways: KUBO800 and KUBO900. With Camnexus’ real-time IoT-enabled water platform currently being tested in Chile, the 5G testbed allowed the incorporation of new capabilities, including low latency for critical operations, alongside high reliability.

The first international online video conference between the UK and Chile was one of a series of tests performed by Camnexus. The video call was made successfully with an end-to-end 5G link between Chile and the UK, powered by Huawei in the UK, and thanks to the support of Espacio 5G and Entel. The Chilean press recorded the success in detail.

“We designed the demo for massive amounts of IoT data and real-time streaming with our team based in Santiago,” says Dr Jessica Ocampos, director and founder of Cambridge-based Camnexus. “They were also in another 5G test site. Entel, a local broadband provider, has similar sites to the CW test site, so there is a 5G lab at the university in Santiago.

“They provided access, and our CTO in Santiago, Juan Carlos Ocampos, called us in Cambridge. It was really good, it worked quite nicely. But during the call, at some point an alarm was triggered due to an anomaly on one of the sensors, and I could see a video of the site anomaly. That was what we showed at the CW testbed demo day.

“So we are a water utility, and I could see in an underground sewerage chamber, where usually we have only a sensor.”

The work team connected from Chile to the United Kingdom in real time to verify the system warning and simultaneously the dashboard displays the live streaming of the video of the anomaly area. The Camnexus dashboard is enabled with video streaming: each video represents 200 simultaneous devices sending data in real time.

Dr Ocampos adds: “We see the video and say to Juan in Santiago: ‘OK, I will send a maintenance team to inspect the site’ as part of the action plan.”

A 5G feature has been added to the Camnexus dashboard for future use.

Camnexus’ KUBO gateway technology now has a 5G feature
Camnexus’ KUBO gateway technology now has a 5G feature

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