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How to get your car ready for your next long road trip

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Many travellers love the long road. Stunning views, the comfort of the road, pleasant fellow travellers and the anticipation of new experiences. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? However, there is a lot of preparation behind the road romance, especially if the traveller sets off by car.

How to get your car ready for your next long road trip
How to get your car ready for your next long road trip

How can travellers prepare cars for a long trip? Or is it possible not to waste energy on this?

If you are looking for a way not to waste time and money on preparing a car, you can use the car rental service. Car rental services are good for traveling for many reasons. First, you can choose from a variety of car models in all parts of the world. This is especially true for popular tourist destinations, because car rental services are especially developed here.

For example, during the trip, you can arrange a test drive of sports cars and test the serpentines of France on different car models! Or rent a BMW X7 in Abu-Dhabi and take a ride in a luxury car in the Emirates. By the way, the Arab Emirates is especially rich in luxury cars for rent.

Car rental companies are required to keep cars in excellent condition. Such a service removes responsibility from the traveller and frees up time for him or her. This criterion is especially important for long trips! Even for a traveller who plans to rent Cadillac in Abu-Dhabi there will not be any problem.

But what should travellers do if they plan to drive their own car?

Carry out maintenance

Scheduled maintenance of the car is carried out every 8-10 thousand km. However, if a journey of more than 2-4 thousand kilometres is expected, it is important to perform maintenance. Do not forget to change the engine oil, as well as the oil and air filters. This will protect the motor parts from wear. It is better to perform all manipulations in the service. Entrust the work on your safety to professionals!

Check the suspension and undercarriage

There are many bad roads outside the big cities. If the suspension or undercarriage parts have wear, they may break during travel.

The suspension and chassis are checked on the lift, so you need to contact the service. If there are backlashes or leaks, the parts need to be replaced. To minimise the risks and definitely relax with pleasure, do not neglect this point!

Check the brake system

The safety of movement depends on the condition of the braking system. It is especially important to have proper brakes on the highway, where cars are traveling at high speed.

It is necessary to check the condition of the brake pads and discs. If they are worn out, you need to replace them. The pads can be changed separately. New pads must also be installed, replacing discs. To eliminate such problems, you should also contact specialists. When the issue of your family’s safety is at stake, it is worth showing maximum attention and effort!

You also need to check the brake fluid level. The system works due to the pressure that this liquid creates. If there is not enough of it, the effort will not be enough to stop the car. The tank is located under the hood. If the level is below the maximum, you need to top up the composition, and then the system will work properly.

If the brake fluid level is below the minimum, you need to look for a leak. Otherwise, the level will constantly decrease, and it will have to be topped up every time.

These are the basic rules and life hacks for those who are going on a long road in their car. Nothing complicated – just step-by-step preparation for safety!

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