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Nuclera’s game-changing 3D bioprinter gets $58m Series B boost

Nuclera, the Cambridge-based start-up developing a 3D bioprinter capable of producing genes and proteins in 24 hours, has raised an additional $15.5million in Series B financing, bringing the total amount raised in the round to $58m.

Nuclera co-founders, from left, are Gordon McInroy, CTO; Michael Chen, CEO; and Jiahao Huang, CFO
Nuclera co-founders, from left, are Gordon McInroy, CTO; Michael Chen, CEO; and Jiahao Huang, CFO

Historically, developing proteins has been a time-consuming and complex process – taking weeks, months, or even years for the scientist to obtain the required amount of protein samples. However, Nuclera’s eProtein bioprinter combines cell-free protein synthesis and digital microfluidics to create a novel technology platform which resolves the problem of time-consuming protein-development scientists face when conducting research. The product revolutionises the fragmented protein expression screening system into a single optimised, end-to-end workflow for drug discovery and general bio-innovation.

The eProtein bioprinter will allow researchers to accelerate discoveries and treatments by delivering on-demand desktop access. Researchers will “seamlessly move from protein screening to scaled-up expression on an accelerated time frame in all market segments”.

The latest addition to the finance round, from Jonathan Milner and Verve Ventures, will accelerate the eProtein’s launch. To date Nuclera has raised a total of $83.3m.

“Rapid biomanufacturing for proteins doesn’t exist today,” said Mr Milner, Abcam’s founder, now CEO of Meltwind Advisory. “The ability to screen multiple protein expression profiles and print purified proteins in 24 hours will revolutionise laboratory workflows and make a demonstrable impact in terms of time to publish in academia and drug discovery timelines.

“The days of screening a single protein expression profile at a time are coming to an end with this technology.”

Nuclera’s eProtein bioprinter
Nuclera’s eProtein bioprinter

No specific date has been announced for the launch of the eProtein bioprinter in the fast-developing biotech 3D-printing space, which is expected to achieve sales of $6.6bn by 2028, according to Insight Partners.

Headquartered on Cambridge Science Park, Nuclera is the leading pioneer in “making biology accessible” via bioprinting – including a 100-fold reduction in costs. Founded in 2013 by four PhD students at the University of Cambridge, the company has grown to 90 employees in the UK and US.

Nuclera’s novel solution involves three technologies protected by 45-plus patents to support its desktop bioprinter: eProtein synthesis, eDNA synthesis, and eDrop digital microfluidics.

Andrea Traversone, managing partner at Amadeus Capital Partners, said: “Nuclera’s eProtein platform unites the very fragmented workflow that currently exists in proteomics. Nuclera is bringing rapid prototyping – a concept that did not exist until now – to biotech, and by speeding up research and opening up completely new avenues of innovation, it will have a far-reaching impact in numerous markets.”

Michael Chen, co-founder and CEO at Nuclera, said: “We’re delighted by the continued support from our existing investors and to have the opportunity to bring on several new strategic partners with our recent Series B raise.

“With their support, we are quickly scaling all functions from R&D through to our commercial team.

“I’m thrilled to advance our mission of making proteins accessible and continue on our journey to deliver our game-changing technology to the market.”

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