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Safe Spacer helps with social distancing rules at work or play: Gallery

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Building site

Oakington-based IK Multimedia is set to launch the waterproof Safe Spacer next month.

Safe Spacer is a lightweight wearable device that helps workers and visitors maintain safe social distancing , enabling factories, offices, museums, hotels and other workplaces and public spaces to operate with peace of mind. When operated with other protective measures it reduces the possibility of person-to-person infection.

Safe Spacer precisely detects when other Safe Spacer units come within 2m, alerting wearers with a choice of visual, vibrating or audio alarm. Using ultra-wideband technology, Safe Spacer offers accuracy up to 10 times better than Bluetooth, and also gives users the option to store “collision” data to monitor compliance or perform fast contact tracing.

Users can choose from a range of lanyard, wristband, and belt loop options to adapt to any workplace without compromising existing safety protocols.

To help organisations manage multiple devices, optional S-Charger docking/charging stations allow up to 25 Safe Spacers to bulk charging simultaneously. Three S-Chargers can be chained together, allowing you to charge up to 75 at a time.

Options include lanyard or wrist
Options include lanyard or wrist

In addition to charging, it also lets you connect the Safe Spacers to a Mac or PC to download their contact logs, or to change their settings (such as the distance that they are triggered) all in one go. For example, if they are all set to trigger within 2metres distance of each other, you can update all of them together to alter it to, say, 1.5metres, if the guidelines were to change.

Each Safe Spacer device also features a unique ID tag and built-in memory for tracing any unintended contacts. To maintain high privacy standards, no data except the device’s ID and proximity is stored on the device; associating IDs with wearer names is completely optional and done externally in software.

This data can be retrieved by the S-Charger while charging, or wirelessly via the optional S-Bridge UWB access unit. These can be positioned in strategic locations to scan the Safe Spacer as users walk past – the data read with no requirements from the wearer, eliminating the need for long employee queues to download their device data.

Both the S-Bridge and S-Charger can connect to any computer via USB, and the free Safe Spacer software will extract this data for review.

Furthermore, Safe Spacer offers additional options to synchronise data from multiple access points, easily enabling companies to compile data from an entire facility in the cloud, or integrate this data into existing enterprise systems.

Pre-ordering for Safe Spacer and all related accessories is now open.

“The interest from government organisations, industry, even airports has been phenomenal,” said an IK Multimedia spokesperson.

Safe Spacer will be available in early September directly, priced at €85 for the Safe Spacer, €270 for the S-Charger and €120 for the S-Bridge.

The device is also waterproof, allowing it to be easily disinfected.

Details here .

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