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The attributes of a #OnetoWatch

Kalium Diagnostics wins the Cofinitive-sponsored One to Watch Award at the 2018 Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards. Picture: Richard Marsham (5680701)
Kalium Diagnostics wins the Cofinitive-sponsored One to Watch Award at the 2018 Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards. Picture: Richard Marsham (5680701)

Sponsored feature in association with Cofinitive

With medtech start-up Kalium Diagnostics named #OneToWatch winner at this year’s Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards, it’s time to contemplate the next phase of the Cofinitive-sponsored campaign as they select the region’s Top 21 #OnetoWatch Companies, People and ‘Things’.

Since Easter, Cofinitive – an award-winning corporate communications company which specialises in branding, strategy, communication and engagement - has been creating lists of the most interesting up and coming companies. The Ones to Watch differ in many ways, not only because they’re a mix of people, companies and ‘things’, but they also vary in sector and scale, to name but two. What they have in common is the stuff of entrepreneurial dreams – a bright future.

So, with such diversity and ingenuity among our #OnetoWatch cohort, how will we be able to compare them? The long-lists are already gathering momentum, so it’s time to delve into the qualifying criteria, which decides who makes the cut to the long-list and in the new year, the award-winning shortlist.

These are the attributes that all our Ones to Watch must have:

Attributes of a #OnetoWatch


How innovative is the approach vs a late market catch-up? How much of a step-change is it?

A defining feature of our Ones to Watch is their inventiveness. We’re looking for people, companies and ‘things’ that are progressing their industries and how things are done - tired of the status quo they’re leading the way to the next phase.


Are they solving a real problem or just looking for one?

When ideas have to search for a challenge to solve, they’re not pioneers or leaders of their industry. It isn’t a case of the chicken or the egg, true Ones to Watch are working on real issues and solutions to fix them, and that’s what the #OnetoWatch is all about.


Do you think the approach will catch on or end here?

Addressing widely-felt issues is only impactful when the solutions are widely-known. Although the Ones to Watch may be small or relatively unknown at present, they’re expected to explode once they elevate and influence their industry.

How a #OnetoWatch candidate is integrating with other Cambridgeshire businesses will also be a factor. Are they supporting or enhancing another innovative endeavour in the region?


Will their impact stand the test of time? Is it sound?

The Ones to Watch aren’t just a flash in the pan; they’re long-term revolutionaries. Ones to Watch may change and develop over time, but they’re people, companies and ‘things’ that are definitely here to stay.

Any decision around the viability of a #OneToWatch will need to include a complimentary, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable model too. Measures of ‘success’ are numerous and interconnected.


Does it get our ‘pants on fire’?

We wouldn’t be able to pick the Top 21 #OnetoWatch if they didn’t stand out of the crowd. You often hear Cofinitive talk about the ‘pants on fire’ affect, a burning passion and drive to take action and see results now, not in the unforeseeable future. That’s what we’re looking for in our top Ones to Watch.

The #OnetoWatch campaign is sponsored by Cofinitive (5680666)
The #OnetoWatch campaign is sponsored by Cofinitive (5680666)

Take a look at the long-lists that have been compiled at http://www.cofinitive.com/onetowatch/

The final deadline for 2019 Top 21 #OneToWatch submissions is 8 February 2019, with a save the date for the unveiling event on March 7, 2019 (more details on this to follow).

So, if you see a company, person or ‘thing’ tackling a real issue with innovation that will influence their industry, let us know at OnetoWatch@cofinitive.com or @Cofinitive #OnetoWatch, so we can give them the spotlight they deserve, and don’t forget to join the discussion at cofinitive.com/onetowatch.

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