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US giant Cargill to use Eagle Genomics’ platform for microbiome data insights globally

Eagle Genomics has signed a deal with Cargill, the largest privately-held corporation in the United States.

The multi-year agreement will enable the Minneapolis-based agricultural giant to use Eagle Genomics’ microbiome data platform across its global sites.

Anthony Finbow, CEO of Eagle Genomics at The Biodata Innovation Centre, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton. Picture: Keith Heppell
Anthony Finbow, CEO of Eagle Genomics at The Biodata Innovation Centre, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton. Picture: Keith Heppell

Anthony Finbow, CEO at Eagle Genomics, said: “We are delighted to be enabling Cargill to explore microbiome data for food and digestive health, an area which we believe will be transformed by microbiome discovery over the next decade.

“We look forward to a future of industry-disrupting food and nutraceutical products for humans and animals, informed by our platform.”

Eagle Genomics, based at The Biodata Innovation Centre on the Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton, will provide its e[datascientist] platform to enable Cargill’s Health Technologies business to organise and synthesize fresh insights from microbiome data it has amassed over the past decade.

The microbiome is the populations of bacteria, viruses and fungi coexisting in our bodies and in the environment, which make up the majority of life on Earth. Its growing importance in life science, agriculture and consumer products has created a demand for a platform that can integrate massive, varied data sources and provide insights into them.

Eagle Genomics’ solution applies artificial intelligence, a data valuation engine and visualisation to navigate such data at the microbiomical scale.

Bacteria that are part of the intestinal microbiome
Bacteria that are part of the intestinal microbiome

Mike Johnson, marketing director of Cargill Health Technologies, said: “By revealing relationships between microbiome data entities and relevant multi-omics data, the platform will further enable Cargill to advance our understanding of the complex association between the microbiome and digestive and immune health in humans and animals.

“Healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy planet are all interconnected. With the advanced knowledge and insights we anticipate generating from our microbiome data, the e[datascientist] will allow us to effectively build on our existing suite of health solutions and bring more relevant products to market in this exciting area of functional food.”

An international producer and distributor of agricultural products, including sugar, refined oil, chocolate and turkey, Cargill remains a family-owned business. With revenue of $113.5billion in 2018-19, the 154-year-old company employs 160,000 people across 70 countries.

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