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World's first prognostic test for IBD now available after PredictImmune agreement with Addenbrooke's

The world’s first validated prognostic test for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is now available in the UK and Ireland thanks to an agreement between PredictImmune and Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Paul Kinnon PredictImmune. (8207728)
Paul Kinnon PredictImmune. (8207728)

The test, suitable for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, helps to predict the likely course of disease from the point of diagnosis.

Treatment options can be guided by understanding whether a patient has a mild or more aggressive form of IBD.

PredictImmune, based at Babraham Research Campus, has entered into a commercial agreement with Addenbrooke’s to provide PredictSURE IBD to clinicians and gastroenterologists.

It will be available via the East Midlands and East of England Genomic Laboratory Hub, based at the hospital and led by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The lab will manage and facilitate the fulfilment of orders of PredictSURE IBD, as well as receive and process all samples.

PredictImmune’s CEO Paul Kinnon said: “Partnering with Addenbrooke’s to make PredictSURE IBD available across the UK and Ireland feels very appropriate, given the long-term nature of our collaboration to date.

“Working closely with the founding team from the University of Cambridge, and running the PROFILE study at Addenbrooke’s, has enabled us to forge a strong, trusting relationship over a number of years.

“I am therefore delighted that we are now in a position to make PredictSURE IBD available via the East Midlands and East of England Genomic Laboratory Hub.

“As a close-knit team, we are excited to see PredictSURE IBD become available to UK and Irish patients, particularly because we understand the life-changing benefits that early and accurate prediction of the likely course of their IBD disease can have on their quality of life.”

The test is the first truly validated and CE-marked prognostic test for guiding treatment options in IBD.

It is a simple blood-based biomarker test, combined with a sophisticated, proprietary algorithm. Developed over 10 years of extensive research into gene expression profiling of CD8+ T cells, it represents a major step towards personalised medicine in IBD.

By understanding earlier in the treatment process what impact the disease may have on a patient, options such as lifestyle changes can be considered to help with its day-to-day management.

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