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Abbey College Cambridge: Exploring the advantages of studying with international students

The UK’s education system is viewed as one of the best in the world and as such, UK schools attract students from all over the world. Yet, few people think about the extent to which international students improve the education experience for all those involved.

There are so many positives that international students bring to their school communities. In today’s globalised economy, academic and social interaction with students from different nationalities can provide British students with real educational and career benefits.

A music concert at Abbey College Cambridge
A music concert at Abbey College Cambridge

At Abbey College Cambridge, we have students from more than 40 different nationalities studying at Year 9, GCSE, and A-level. They are aspirational teenagers who want to achieve exceptional exam results and progress to the world’s top universities.

They are focused on their goals and have chosen to attend Abbey College Cambridge as we have an excellent academic reputation. International students help make our community and our classes more vibrant, aspirational and diverse.

Learning and living alongside people from around the globe helps all our students learn to avoid stereotyping and form more informed opinions. It gives them a better understanding of global issues. It provides opportunities for unique cross-cultural experiences, whether celebrating new holidays, sampling new cuisines, or travelling to visit friends in their home countries.

It forces students to confront different interpersonal and communication styles, which makes them better active listeners and critical thinkers. And it opens them to wonderful personal and professional connections that will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives.

International students bring extra focus to the classroom as they allow class discussions to take a wider focus, providing our students with a different view to many aspects of the world. This positive and collaborative study environment encourages students to support and help one another.

Students benefit from the fact that everyone wants to learn and succeed.

A chemistry class at Abbey College Cambridge
A chemistry class at Abbey College Cambridge

Studying alongside international students at school, helps prepare students for life at university. The UK is one of the world’s most popular destinations for university study and in 2021-22 24 per cent of the students at UK universities were international.

Popular universities, such as the London School of Economics (LSE) and Imperial College London had an international student body of more than 50 per cent.

At Abbey College Cambridge, we are proud of our diverse and thriving school community and invite families interested in finding out how we help students succeed to visit our forthcoming open morning on Saturday, 2 March, from 9.30am.

Register at https://www.abbeycambridge.co.uk/open-morning/ to attend.

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