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15 unique British gift ideas for everyone

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Are you visiting the UK and looking for something uniquely British to take back as a souvenir for your friends and relatives back home? Maybe for an Anglophile whose dream it is to one day visit these shores? Or maybe you would like to take a reminder of home for a British friend living abroad? Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with some great British-themed gift ideas.

British pin badges
British pin badges

Pin badges

Pin badges are an excellent idea as there are so many to choose from - from football teams and well-known British companies to places of cultural and historical interest and wildlife - and what’s more, they can fit easily into your luggage.


Always a popular option, what says “I went to this amazing place or saw this fantastic show in the West End and I’d like to share my experience with you” than a T-shirt? Coming in a vast array of colours, sizes and styles, British T-shirts worn back home can certainly generate discussion, bring back memories, or even encourage others to go and book their flight to the UK.


Far more than just something to hang your key(s) on, keychains are also luggage-friendly, as well as a way of showing someone that you’ve thought about them while abroad - and they will no doubt appreciate the fact that you've brought them back a little souvenir. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Like pin badges, keychains are sold almost everywhere, from iconic landmark sites and museums, to theme parks, from National Trust properties to art galleries and so much more.

British keychain
British keychain


If you’ve purchased a gift, or gifts, for a friend, or friends, then you might like to buy something for them to put them in. If you are, then you can’t go far wrong with a backpack. Coming in a vast array of colours and designs, backpacks are sold in many different shops and at numerous other places. You could keep it simple and buy one with a Union flag on it, or maybe even look at getting one with a top British pop star or actor on it?


Looking for a way to brighten up a jacket or trousers? Then patches might be the way to go. Thinking specifically of fans of British popular music who have sewn patches onto their denim or leather jackets which they then wear to gigs, why not buy one for the British music fans you know? After all, with the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Queen and Iron Maiden all hailing from these shores, you won’t be short of options! Not a music fan? No problem, most markets should have something for everyone.


A good British Christmas gift idea, socks, like T-shirts, don’t have to be boring. You can keep it traditional and buy well-made British socks in a single colour, or even try something that makes more of a statement, such as striped, dotted or Union Jack socks


When it comes to hats, there are the more practical woolly hats and the ever-popular baseball cap - or there are more traditional, and smarter, options like the trilby or bowler hat, both iconic symbols of the classic British style.


Stickers are great gifts, particularly for children, who like to stick them on books, wardrobes, clothes and all sorts of other places. Stickers from a particular place, or of a particular person, will usually be gratefully received and may even spark an interest in a young person to one day travel the world.

British stickers
British stickers


Practical as well as a thoughtful gesture, coasters for people to put their drinks on can regularly be seen in traditional British pubs. You can buy similar-looking ones yourself, or opt for more modern - and fancy - designs.


Every time your friend or family member takes a sip from the mug you got them from your trip to the UK, they can close their eyes and imagine the rolling fields of England, the beautiful lochs of Scotland, or the iconic London landmarks known the world over. Or, as the case with T-shirts, keychains and pin badges, mugs are available at almost every tourist spot you visit.


Another excellent British Christmas gift idea, the recipient of a British-themed calendar can turn the page each month and take in a picturesque landscape shot, or be reminded of all the beautiful castles, monasteries, abbeys, manor houses, stately homes and the like that exist here.


Pillows can be used to put your head on, or as a fetching decorative piece - either way, as has been the case throughout this list, the options when it comes to colour, design, style and size are endless.

Eye masks

A British Airways Mother’s Day gift, eye masks can help soothe wrinkles around the eyes

Scented candles

Another safe option for Mother’s Day, surely to be welcomed, scented candles not only make a room smell pleasant but also, thanks to the many colours and designs available, add a pleasing visual touch.

Plush bears

Plush teddy bears are a welcome gift for anyone of any age. It could be Paddington, it could be a wild animal bought from a zoo gift shop, either way children and adults alike will appreciate this warm gesture.

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