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DressCode gets tech-y with shirts

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DressCode's elegant designs are designed to express tech in a creative, fashionable way - through shirts.

The business was launched by Andy Boothman. Andy is a Cambridge-based graphic designer. He has been working with brands for more than 21 years. The five styles available for men - with a woman's range due in the spring - are Signature, Glitch, Pixel, Cursor and Binar were inspired by came when he saw a series of print glitches in his work. He could see "something beautiful in this seemingly random set of shapes and colours". That got him thinking.

"We are surrounded by tech in every aspect of our daily lives but away from our gadgets, there’s nowhere, and no way, for people to express that passion publically with style," he says.

"My day job has been developing brand communications," Andy says. "I thought it looked appealing and checked out if anyone was doing anything similar. That was the beginning of the itch I had to scratch."

Andy Boothman from Dress Code in Cambourne. Picture: Keith Heppell. (5758556)
Andy Boothman from Dress Code in Cambourne. Picture: Keith Heppell. (5758556)

The shirts, priced at £97, are "made in in India by a fourth-generation family tailoring company". The reason for this is that the skills apparently aren't available in the UK "and where they do exist - such as for TV, film or theatre productions - they are incredibly expensive".

The shirts can be bought online or at pop-ups shops and events, including networking events, in Cambridge.

"I was at Mills & Reeve recently, and the Science Park, plus the Bradfield Centre hopefully soon.

Andy likes the term "enclothed cognition" for DressCode's house style. "All of our shirts have something to say," he says. "Some of them say it louder than others, but all of them say it with style."

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