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Five of the best runs around Cambridge

Running has become a hobby many of us are turning to at present, for many reasons. That’s because it’s a real powerful tool for both body and mind.

Running for mental health has become more prominent than ever, with professionals and counsellors often recommending it to those struggling with anxiety and depression, as well as things like going through private drug treatment.

Running can be a great stress reliever
Running can be a great stress reliever

Lacing up your trainers and getting out really can make a huge difference and across Cambridge there are some fantastic runs to take in to suit all abilities.

So, as the summer months come in, if you’re looking to find some fantastic trails and routes, here are five of the best runs around Cambridge to enjoy…

The River Cam towpath

A good place to start is along the river, with the Cam towpath providing a flat and scenic route that suits all abilities.

You can set your own distance, but a good place to start is at Jesus Green, following the pathway past Mathematical Bridge, King’s College and the Backs.

The tranquil waters can provide a real tranquil setting to totally escape and get the mental health rejuvenation you need.

Jesus Green and Midsummer Common

If you’re looking for a short loop, a run around Jesus Green and Midsummer Common is an excellent option. There’s tons of room to stretch your legs and take in the fresh air.

Looping around the common is a popular route for many, with the paths well maintained and the setting a rather picturesque one.

Jogging can be good for body and mind
Jogging can be good for body and mind

The Grantchester Meadows loop

For a longer and more challenging run, the Grantchester Meadows loop is a popular choice among local runners.

Start at the city centre and head south towards the River Cam, where you’ll pick up the towpath and follow it past Darwin College and the University Boathouses.

Continue along the path until you reach Grantchester Meadows, where you can enjoy a scenic loop around the meadows before retracing your steps back to Cambridge.

The rolling hills and tranquil countryside make this route a refreshing change from the bustle of the city.

The Gog Magog Hills

For those looking for something more challenging, the Gog Magog Hills provide a great workout with stunning views of the countryside.

Start your run at the carpark and you’ll find plenty of towpaths that make their way up and down the hills, before looping back round to the start.

Make it to the top of the hills and you’ll get a stunning view of Cambridge and the Fens, but we should note, it isn’t for the faint-hearted, especially on a hot day!

Milton Country Park

Finally, for a peaceful and gentle run, try Milton Country Park, which has an extensive network of paths that wind around lakes and through the 95-acre park

Enjoy the wildlife, on flat terrain, with well marked trails. Ideal for all, it’s a place to really escape and admire the natural elements around you.

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