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Five top London breweries offering 0% beer

The London beer scene has been thriving for many years now, with dozens upon dozens of fantastic breweries offering up some fantastic brews.

Many have gone on to big things, while others are gathering cult status, with hubs of incredible breweries in the likes of Bermondsey and Hackney Wick.

You don’t have to compromise on taste with 0% beer anymore
You don’t have to compromise on taste with 0% beer anymore

Over the last few years, the city’s beer scene has also been revelling in its non-alcoholic offering too, keeping up with those that no longer drink, or perhaps haven’t to begin with.

We’re seeing more Gen Z and Millennials remain sober, aware of the health risks posed by alcohol, while that’s also having a knock on effect to older generations, many of whom are recognising they have a problem and are stumping up the alcohol rehab cost to move towards a 0% lifestyle.

As a result, more breweries are focusing their efforts on their 0% brews and across London there are several that are leading the way. So, if you’re looking for some exciting non-alcoholic beers, here are five of the best London breweries providing them…

Beavertown Brewery

Beavertown Brewery, known for its bold and creative beers, has embraced the alcohol-free trend with the introduction of Lazer Crush. This 0% IPA stands out with its rich, hoppy flavour and citrusy notes, offering a taste profile that rivals its alcoholic counterparts. Brewed with a unique fermentation process, Lazer Crush retains the complexity and depth typical of Beavertown's beers. Located in Tottenham, Beavertown's vibrant brewery and taproom are perfect for those looking to enjoy an innovative alcohol-free brew in a lively setting.

Big Drop Brewing Co.

Specialising entirely in alcohol-free beer, Big Drop Brewing Co. has quickly become a leader in the field. Founded in 2016, Big Drop has a diverse range of 0% beers, from stouts to pale ales. Their Paradiso Citra IPA is a standout, featuring a robust blend of citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Another popular choice is the Galactic Milk Stout, which offers a rich, chocolatey experience without the alcohol. Big Drop's dedication to quality and variety ensures there's something for every palate, making it a go-to for alcohol-free beer enthusiasts.

Nirvana Brewery

Nirvana Brewery holds the distinction of being the UK’s first brewery dedicated solely to producing alcohol-free beers. Located in East London, Nirvana offers a range of 0% beers that cater to different tastes. Their flagship beer, Tantra, is a standout pale ale with a balanced blend of malt and hop flavours. For those who prefer something darker, their Kosmic Stout delivers rich coffee and chocolate notes. Nirvana's commitment to creating high-quality, flavourful beers without alcohol has positioned them as pioneers in the alcohol-free beer market.

Enjoy 0% beer from some top London breweries
Enjoy 0% beer from some top London breweries

Signature Brew

Signature Brew, based in Walthamstow, is renowned for its collaborations with musicians and its commitment to crafting excellent beers. Their alcohol-free option, Lo-Fi, is a delicious 0% IPA that combines the brewery’s signature creativity with a refreshing, hoppy taste. Lo-Fi is brewed with a blend of American and European hops, resulting in a beer that is light, crisp, and full of flavour. Signature Brew’s unique approach to brewing and their focus on quality make their 0% offerings a must-try for beer lovers in London.

Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery, a staple of the London beer scene, has joined the alcohol-free movement with their popular Week Nite Any Day Lager. This 0% beer maintains the refreshing and crisp characteristics of a traditional lager, with a slight bitterness and a clean finish. Brewed with the same care and attention to detail as their other beers, Week Nite Any Day Lager is perfect for those who want to enjoy the classic Camden taste without the alcohol. Located in the vibrant borough of Camden, the brewery offers a welcoming space to enjoy their diverse range of beers.

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