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As a busy Black Friday nears, be kind to all around you

Ian Sandison, chief executive of Cambridge BID, urges patience.

Shoppers will be stocking up on Christmas gifts this Black Friday
Shoppers will be stocking up on Christmas gifts this Black Friday

One of the things the pandemic reminded us of was to be kind to others, give people space, to enjoy the world around us a little more and to take our time.

Inevitably the world has speeded up as workers return to offices and shoppers to high streets. This will be accelerated as we near Christmas and this Friday, being Black Friday, is the first significant weekend along the way.

Many of our retailers bars and restaurants are struggling to hire staff, this is a consequence of the pandemic, political changes, a strong recovery in consumer demand and some people leaving the sector to work elsewhere, the NHS being a beneficiary.

As a consequence, many businesses are not able to work at full capacity hence missing out on the strong consumer demand. I have been into many premises and seen signs to indicate a staff shortage and asking for patience.

In a world were we have grown accustomed to things always being on, to goods being available 24/7 and service to be quick, then this is the time of year to be kind.

It is the time of year to cherish the great service our retail and hospitality staff offer, the comprehensive training they undergo, the fact if they are busy serving then see that as a positive and it will soon be you who gets that service and attention, is that not what you want?

It is the time of year to think of others, of those serving us wherever we are and see the value in the interaction with these knowledgeable people and to develop a relationship with them so you return again and again.

Shop local this week and always, pride yourself on getting to know the staff on your local high street, they are all part of our community and all deserving of our respect.

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