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Cambridge firm’s low-waste revolution in sustainable home and work spaces

Sustainable buildings offer great spaces for work and home life
Sustainable buildings offer great spaces for work and home life

During this unprecedented year, have you started working from home? Have you realised that you need extra space for your family or your hobbies? Have you also realised that the environment and sustainability is important to you?

Although we saw pollution reduce during the lockdown, waste and plastic use is now as big an issue than ever before. David Attenborough, at the recent screening of the BBC’s forthcoming nature series Seven Worlds, One Planet, said: “Don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper, don’t waste food. Live the way you want to live but just don’t waste.”

Newly-launched timber building and garden room company OmniCube Ltd has the answer to all those questions. The easy modular design to suit any space, the transparent pricing structure starting at just £14,000 (including VAT) for the complete package, from foundations to light fittings, responsibly-sourced sustainable materials, no concrete mess or ‘wet trade’ construction, and quick installation are just a few of the benefits of choosing an OmniCube as a flexible space addition for your home. The ground screw foundations are strong and quick to install, with zero landfill material removed from site. A key difference from the rest is that if you decide to move, your OmniCube can be dismantled and move with you, again adding to the minimal waste ethos. None of the site-assembled structural components are nailed or glued, instead everything is screw fixed, so that it can be undone and put back together at a new location.

Co-founder Chris Peters is an experienced architectural designer with the knowledge and passion that makes the OmniCube product so unique.

He said: “With the increased amount of time being spent at home becoming the new normal for many, being a design-led company, the current situation is really giving us the opportunity to help people get the most out of their current house.

Omnicube offers beautifully designed spaces
Omnicube offers beautifully designed spaces

“People often don’t appreciate what space they actually have, but a bit of reorganisation, combined with the addition of something like an OmniCube in the garden, could be a far better and cheaper solution than actually moving house to get what they want.

“Good design doesn’t have to cost a fortune – you just need to think about it. We have developed a competitive product that uses the same construction as timber frame housing so is not only robust, but has a precise contemporary look and feel that provides some extra warm, quiet space for life.”

Aside from the durable high-performance aluminium window frames (no uPVC to be found) and a choice of eco-friendly insulation options including recycled plastic bottles, top-quality timber is supplied from established and trusted East Anglia company, Timber Frame Management.

For the external cladding, OmniCube Ltd offers a choice of Thermowood, Siberian Larch or Western Red Cedar, all of which require no ongoing maintenance.

Working with Timber Frame Management has a range of environmental benefits which aligns to OmniCube’s objectives. Timber is a renewable resource, with hugely reduced waste, as timber can be recycled. The sustainable material has low energy consumption, the lowest CO2 output compared to other building materials, and creates a super energy-efficient finished product.

Timber Frame Management was founded in 2004 by managing director David Taylor and technical director Chris Chapman. Both had worked in the timber frame industry, and both were concerned by the issues and lack of communication between the manufacturers and the end users. In the early noughties, timber frame construction was still a relatively new method of construction and questions raised by builders were going unanswered. This, along with the little knowledge by those using the product, started to cause a lack of confidence in using timber.

David and Chris spearheaded the change and to this day continue to design, supply, supervise and manufacture timber frames for numerous satisfied clients.

Timber Frame Management's work for Center Parcs
Timber Frame Management's work for Center Parcs

The synergy between Timber Frame Management and OmniCube can be seen in the contemporary, energy-efficient modular garden rooms with attention to detail.

David says: “Timber Frame Management had previously worked with Chris Peters on projects where difficult access and lightweight construction were just two of the many requirements, not to mention the insulation and sustainability benefits.

“My background in timber frame goes back to my collaboration with Center Parcs, developing a product that was both sustainable and had less impact on the environment during the construction stages of their holiday villages at Elveden Forest.

“Under the current circumstances, with the benefits of working from home now being at the forefront of changing working practices, it was an ideal opportunity to join forces with OmniCube to help promote their unique design skills with our desire to improve construction with sustainable products.”

OmniCube welcomes you to arrange a free video consultation to discuss the benefits and your requirements with OmniCube’s owner, Chris. Just call or email OmniCube (the contact details are at the bottom of the page) to confirm a suitable day and time.

Once the new lockdown restrictions have been lifted, the latest new build in Ely will be open for viewing on certain dates, allowing you to see the sleek design and low plastic use building for yourselves.

Contact details:


Visit: omnicube.co.uk

Email: info@omnicube.co.uk

Call: 01223 926533

Timber Frame Management

Visit: timberframemanagement.co.uk

Email: info@timberframemanagement.co.uk

Call: 01553 692771

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