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Cambridge 'geared for transformation', says film director

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Down to Earth children
Down to Earth children

New showing of 'Down to Earth' for audiences curious about harmonious ways to live

Rolf Winters and Renata Heinen
Rolf Winters and Renata Heinen

“We have had great audiences in Cambridge and we feel we have only scratched the surface,” says director Rolf Winters as his film, Down to Earth, gets another outing by popular demand on November 5. “We see Cambridge as one of our main hubs, as we feel that the community here is, more than average, geared towards transformation of the way we run our society and the way we live our lives.”

The film follows Rolf and his partner Renata Heinen as they embark on an optimistic journey to find the ‘Keepers of the Earth’, who help humanity live in harmony with the environment. The new date - the third in Cambridge to date - comes in the week it was announced that 60 per cent of the earth’s wildlife populations have been lost since 1970, and a recent study concluded that even if current conservation efforts are not improved, so many mammal species will become extinct during the next five decades that nature will need 3-5 million years to recover.

The increasing awareness of the damage to the eocsystem has triggered an audience ready for Down to Earth’s simple style and positive narrative - that there are good people in the world, and we should try to become one of them.

“These earthly characters are the message in the way they live their lives,” says Rolf. “They have retained a natural balance and live in harmony with their surroundings.

Down to Earth has a celebratory feel in Africa
Down to Earth has a celebratory feel in Africa

“The launch of the film has been a great success so far. The audience response is incredibly heart warming. We have launched the film from Exteter to Edinburgh and everywhere people come out of the cinema feeling empowered. After every screening we have a facilitated dialogue in the cinema and that’s where you see how much people are craving for change.

Down to Earth is all about generating people power change. We want people to start using the film to change the dialogue in their local communities, be it in their neighbourhood, be it at work or their school or university. The film has a great way of opening up people’s existing mindsets. So, first come to see the film in the Arts PictureHouse on November 5 and if you feel inspired, join the Down to Earth community and start organising your own events. Or use the film in existing learning programs. You can also become a volunteer facilitator.

“It’s just amazing to see how many people have come to support the movement that is building. People are tired of waiting for others to change things. They are ready to take responsibility themselves.”

Details about the Arts Picturehouse showing can be found here.

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