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Conservative Party makes pitch for your vote at Cambridge City Council elections 2019

By Daniel John - Conservative Party

Daniel John (9224856)
Daniel John (9224856)

The city council needs a Conservative voice, providing realism and scepticism, a human approach to what is and is not working.

Electing Conservatives to local government provides councillors who are committed to delivering value for money based on a belief that they must be more careful when spending other people’s money.

Our candidates have no interest in wasting the council’s time with gestures and declarations on matters well outside the council’s own remit.

Every moment spent on the easy business of saying things, is a moment that could have been spent on the hard task of improving things.

If the other parties, or unelected officials, propose a congestion charging scheme for Cambridge, we shall oppose it outright if it is too invasive of the privacy of drivers, particularly if they are under 18.

Citizens are being made to give up control of their data too easily and Cambridge should be setting a good digital example.

If we controlled the city council, the Conservatives would focus on the practical matter of getting Cambridge’s basic local services right: encouraging timely bin collection by adopting firm measures known to be working in other cities, ensuring that when residents receive a planning notice referring them to a website, that the website actually works and providing proper levels of accountability to residents between elections.

16 city council seats to be elected

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 2 to elect candidates to 16 of the 42 Cambridge City Council seats.

The council, which is responsible for services including planning, housing, cultural events, car parks, bin collections and environmental health, is currently under Labour control. The Liberal Democrats, which has previously run the authority, will be hoping to make gains, as will the Green party. The Conservatives are fielding candidates too, and UKIP is contesting some wards. One Independent candidate, Sam Davies, will stand in Queen Edith’s (visit sam4qe.com).

In Trumpington, there are two candidates to be elected, due to the resignation of Donald Adey, following his move to Scotland. A by-election is also being held in the Trumpington division of Cambridgeshire County Council, following his resignation from that seat too.

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