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De-stressing the moving process with This Land and Yourkeys

Sponsored feature | Brenda Kibblewhite, head of sales and marketing, This Land

This Land, through its partnership with Yourkeys, aims to make moving home as stress-free as possible. Picture: This Land (62465156)
This Land, through its partnership with Yourkeys, aims to make moving home as stress-free as possible. Picture: This Land (62465156)

The ‘For Sale’ sign is up, bringing with it optimism and excitement for a fresh start in a new home. But there is also a feeling of trepidation lurking in the background.

It is a common emotion for those moving house as it is widely regarded as one of life’s most stressful events.

There is a lot to think about, from dealing with solicitors, completing paperwork and sorting the logistics with your removals team.

At This Land, our aim is to make moving home as smooth and stress-free as possible. Through our partnership with Yourkeys, we aim to give buyers a moving experience they remember for all the right reasons.

Streamlining the process

Moving home can be a convoluted and drawn-out affair with red tape to tackle and multiple parties involved in the transaction. When buying new with This Land, Yourkeys’ award-winning online platform simplifies and digitally streamlines the process. This means the progress of the purchase is visible to all parties including the buyer, This Land home buying executives, mortgage brokers and solicitors.

Gone are the days of filing hundreds of bits of paperwork and keeping a spreadsheet to tick off each part of the process. Yourkeys’ platform can complete ID verification, proof of address, signing agreements and payment of reservation fees, removing time and hassle for the buyer.

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Regular updates

There’s nothing worse than sitting at home, stewing about whether your new house purchase is on track. Has the paperwork been accepted? Have the solicitors completed their checks? Have the forms been filled in correctly? Is there anything that could hinder the move?

Communication is key to knowing next steps and keeping your finger on the pulse of where your purchase is at. Fear not though, through Yourkeys’ online platform, you’ll receive regular alerts, updating you with every step of your purchase from reservation all the way through to exchange and completion.

Expert advice

There is no doubt that a lack of communication and action from both solicitors and mortgage advisors can slow down the moving process. It is crucial to work with trusted brokers and solicitors who can provide expert advice in a timely fashion.

Yourkeys’ platform enables you to instruct your own team or select a conveyancer or mortgage broker from a proven network which offers both peace of mind and trust that you are in good hands.

Transparency and efficiency

Overall, the key to a successful buying process is transparency and efficiency. A house purchase is probably the biggest transaction you’ll ever make, so it has the potential to be an overwhelming experience. Removing some of the red tape involved and simplifying the process is crucial to making your move enjoyable. Through This Land’s partnership with Yourkeys, we are positively transforming the process of buying new.

If you are looking to buy new and want to ensure the process is smooth and transparent, speak with This Land’s home buying executive today. Call 07388 673364, email spiregrass@this-land.co.uk or visit our website This-Land.co.uk.

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