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Elections 2023: Who is standing for election to Cambridge City Council?

The candidates standing for election to Cambridge City Council in May 2023 have now been revealed.

Voters are going to the polls to elect a councillor to 14 of the 42 seats on the council to represent them for the next four years.

The count at the University Sports Centre at the last elections. Picture: Keith Heppell
The count at the University Sports Centre at the last elections. Picture: Keith Heppell

And following the decisions of Labour councillors Cllr Sarah Baigent and Cllr Lewis Herbert to stand down, there are also by-elections in Castle and Coleridge, meaning two councillors will be elected in these wards.

Heading into the election, the Labour-controlled city council has 25 Labour councillors, nine Liberal Democrats, three Greens, one independent and four vacancies.

Every ward will be contested by Labour, the Lib Dems, the Greens and the Conservatives.

Two independents are also standing - community historian Antony Carpen, in Queen Edith’s and anti-congestion charge campaigner David Summerfield in Castle.

Colin Miller will stand for the Heritage Party – Free Speech and Liberty.

In East Chesterton, while Peter Burkinshaw will stand for UKIP in East Chesterton, a ward in which Labour’s Alice Gilderdale, who has been the sitting councillor in Market ward, will also compete.

The council is responsible for services including waste collection, leisure facilities, council housing and planning.

Meanwhile, a Cambridgeshire County County by-election will also be held in Arbury, following the resignation of Labour’s Hilary Cox Condron. And elsewhere in the county there are elections in East Cambridgeshire and Fenland.

For the first time, voters will need ID to vote this year. You can see all the rules on that, along with details of postal and proxy votes, in our election guide.

All the candidates standing for elections in Cambridge on May 4, 2023.

Voters go to the polls on May 4, 2023
Voters go to the polls on May 4, 2023


*indicates incumbent councillor standing for re-election

**has been representing Market ward


  • Rosemary Anne Roe Ansell – Liberal Democrats
  • Zarina Anwar – Labour Party
  • David Philip Smith, Conservative Party
  • Elliot Alister Tong – Green Party


  • Robert William Boorman – Conservative Party
  • Stephen Roger Lawrence – Green Party
  • Sam Oliver – Liberal Democrats
  • Mike Todd-Jones* – Labour and Co-operative Party

Arbury (county council by-election)

  • Mike Black - Labour Party
  • Robert William Boorman - Conservative Party
  • Stephen Roger Lawrence - Green Party
  • Sam Oliver - Liberal Democrats


  • Rhona Corinne Boorman – Conservative Party
  • Esme Catherine Hennessy – Green Party
  • Mary Murphy – Labour Party
  • Cheney Payne* – Liberal Democrats
  • David Summerfield – Independent

Castle (city council by-election)

  • Tomasz Kazimierz Dyl – Conservative Party
  • Dan Kittmer – Green Party
  • Antoinette Nestor – Labour Party
  • Will Tilbrook – Liberal Democrats

Cherry Hinton

  • Robert Paul Dryden* – Labour and Co-operative Party
  • Zachary Matthew Marsh – Conservative Party
  • Archie Joseph Robert McCann – Liberal Democrats
  • Richard Michael Potter – Green Party


  • Eric William Barrett-Payton – Conservative Party
  • Judy Margaret Brunton – Liberal Democrats
  • Rosy Moore* – Labour Party
  • Sarah Louise Nicmanis – Green Party

Coleridge (city council by-election)

  • Tim Brunton – Liberal Democrats
  • Tim Griffin – Labour Party
  • Peter Price – Green Party
  • Robin Nelson – Conservative Party

East Chesterton

  • Peter Burkinshaw – UKIP
  • Alice Flora Gilderdale* – Labour Party
  • Bob Illingworth – Liberal Democrats
  • Elizabeth Alice May – Green Party
  • Colin Errol Miller – Heritage Party – Free Speech and Liberty
  • Francisco José Ribeiro – Conservative Party

King’s Hedges

  • Alexandra Lucy Jane Collis* – Labour Party
  • Delowar Hossain – Conservative Party
  • Adrian Mark Matthews – Green Party
  • Fionna Tod – Liberal Democrats


  • James Appiah – Conservative Party
  • Rosy Greenlees – Labour Party
  • Anthony William Martinelli – Liberal Democrats
  • Krzysztof Strug – Green Party


  • Jean Margaret Glasberg – Green Party
  • Chang Liu – Liberal Democrats
  • Anne Tregoning Miller – Labour Party
  • Susan Rachel Williams – Conservative Party


  • Emmanuel Marie Michel Carraud – Liberal Democrats
  • Joshua Morris-Blake – Green Party
  • Paul Jonathan Roper – Conservative Party
  • Katie Thornburrow* – Labour Party

Queen Edith’s

  • Antony William Carpen – Independent
  • Gordon C Gregory – Conservative Party
  • Thomas Benoit Ron – Labour Party
  • Jacqueline Whitmore – Green Party
  • Karen Young – Liberal Democrats


  • Mohammed Azamuddin – Conservative Party
  • Mairéad Mary Frances Healy* – Labour Party
  • John Charles Walmsley – Liberal Democrats
  • Suzie Webb – Green Party


  • Ingrid Juliette Flaubert* – Liberal Democrats
  • Shapour Meftah – Conservative Party
  • Chloe Eva Mosonyi – Green Party
  • Carlos Fernando Toranzos – Labour Party

West Chesterton

  • Jamie Leon Dalzell – Liberal Democrats
  • Michael John Harford – Conservative Party
  • Shayne Mary Mitchell – Green Party
  • Rachel Lynne Wade – Labour Party

Look out for in-depth coverage of the elections and the key matters of debate in the Cambridge Independent.

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