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ESG – why it matters to This Land

Sponsored feature | Brenda Kibblewhite, head of sales and marketing, This Land

As a responsible developer, Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG, influences the way we do business.

We are environmentally and socially conscious, and as a result it is vitally important to us that our ESG strategy helps determine the way we design, communicate with the communities we work within and care for the wellbeing of our staff.

Environmental, social and governance, or ESG, influences the way This Land does business.
Environmental, social and governance, or ESG, influences the way This Land does business.

The ESG framework considers how a business measures its success in implementing strategies.

Environmental looks at how a business minimises its impact on the environment. Social covers what a business is doing to make a positive social impact in the communities in which it operates. Governance refers to transparency around company leadership, the process of decision making, as well as the diversity of a business.

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So, what are This Land doing to ensure high standards of ESG? Brenda Kibblewhite, head of sales and marketing, tells us more.

“We have put in place a number of targets to measure our ESG performance and continue to utilise new methods to mitigate the negative impact of construction on the environment.

“To demonstrate the positive impact, at our site at Spiregrass Square in Over, Cambridgeshire, more than 8.5 tonnes of wood has been collected for recycling. Nearly a third of this was high-grade wood that could be reused, the rest was recycled and chipped for fuel or chipboard.

“Reducing reliance on traditional heating methods is key to minimising environmental impact, so air source heat pumps come as standard on This Land developments. We also utilise double glazing and low energy lighting to reduce energy consumption.

“Creating community is so important to us at This Land, so when it comes to the ‘social’ element of ESG, we are particularly active. We are driven to give back, both in terms of green spaces and community buildings. These spaces help foster a sense of community and forge bonds between local residents.

“In Burwell, we have been working with the parish council to hand over 3.8 hectares of land to be developed into sports pitches to benefit the community. Listening to the views of local people is extremely important to us, so we held a consultation with residents to establish what type of facilities would be most beneficial.

“When it comes to governance, transparency is paramount. We work closely with our shareholders, staff and stakeholders to continue to seek improvements in the way we do business.”

To find out more about This Land visit our website at https://this-land.co.uk/.

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