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General Election 2019: Cambridge result - Daniel Zeichner holds seat for Labour

Labour's Daniel Zeichner has held his seat in Cambridge.

He won by a majority of 9,639, taking 25,776 votes. The runner-up was Rod Cantrill of the Liberal Democrats with 16,137.

Daniel Zeichner MP celebrates his win in Cambridge. Picture: Keith Heppell (24140670)
Daniel Zeichner MP celebrates his win in Cambridge. Picture: Keith Heppell (24140670)

Mr Zeichner started his speech by remembering the victims of the London Bridge terror attack.

He said: “Can I say I think this election in Cambridge has been absolutely overshadowed by the terrible murders of Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones at London Bridge and all thoughts in Cambridge are still with their families and their friends.

“The results personally for me in Cambridge are fantastic. Thank you to the of people Cambridge for putting your trust in me again even though it is a very disappointing result for Labour across the country, and I suspect there will be many citizens of Cambridge waking up feeling deeply disappointed.

“One of the reasons they will be disappointed is this does, of course, put our future in the European Union at risk and I will just gently say to those who thought it sensible to call this election at a time when we had the prime minister cornered and remain with our grasp - you took a huge risk, your gamble failed and we are paying a huge cost for it.”

Rod Cantrill will be left disappointed he could not recover the seat for the Liberal Democrats, who lost their leader Jo Swinson, when she was ousted by the SNP in East Dunbartonshire.

But Mr Cantrill did manage to cut Daniel Zeichner’s majority by about 3,000 votes on 2017 on what was an awful night for Labour, with the Tories sweeping them aside.

Rod Cantrill arrives at the count. Picture: Keith Heppell
Rod Cantrill arrives at the count. Picture: Keith Heppell

The result in full

  • Daniel Zeichner, Labour: 25,776 votes, 48.0%, (-3.9%), elected
  • Rod Cantrill, Liberal Democrat: 16,137 votes, 30.0%: (+0.8%)
  • Russell Perrin, Conservative: 8,342 votes, 15.5% (-0.8%)
  • Jeremy Caddick, Green: 2,164 votes, 4%: (+1.8%)
  • Peter Dawe, the Brexit Party: 1,041 votes, 1.9% (+1.9%)
  • Miles Hurley, Independent: 111 votes, 0.2% (+0.2%)
  • Jane Robins, Social Democratic Party: 91 votes, 0.2% (+0.2%)
  • Keith Garrett, Rebooting Democracy: 67 votes, 0.1% (-0.1%)

Majority: 9,639

Registered voters: 79,951

Turnout: 67.2%

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