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Happy ending for four kittens found dumped in faeces-ridden cat carrier at Blue Cross Cambridge

Four kittens are being looked after by Blue Cross after they were found abandoned on the street in Cambridge in a faeces-ridden cat carrier.

One of the kittens on arrival Picture: Blue Cross (18310503)
One of the kittens on arrival Picture: Blue Cross (18310503)

The kittens, aged between two and four months old, had been crammed into the carrier and dumped outside the national pet charity’s rehoming centre on Garlic Row during opening hours last week.

The four kittens, two black and two black and white, are thought to be from two separate litters and have been named Sapphire, Jade, Onyx and Pearl.

Emma Kelly, from Blue Cross Cambridge, said: “The kittens were spotted by a member of the public who were on their way into the centre to meet a cat they had reserved.

“The smell coming from the carrier was really overpowering. The poor kittens were terrified and covered in their own faeces. We took them straight to be bathed before leaving them to settle into their new surroundings.

“We think their mother could have got pregnant again whilst still feeding her first litter. Many people think that female cats cannot get pregnant if they’re still nursing kittens but sadly this is a myth.

“Cats can quickly become pregnant again so it is very important to ensure female cats are neutered and to keep females who have just given birth inside and away from male cats.”

Despite their ordeal, the kittens are now much more settled and are doing well. They are all already reserved to go to new homes once they have been neutered.

Emma added: “We’d urge any owners who are struggling to look after their cat or dog to contact the centre. We know people’s circumstances can change so quickly and there’s no shame in coming to us and asking for help if you can no longer look after your pet.”

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