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How to get your car ready before moving

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Moving to another part of the country is a major decision. Bringing your car with you adds to this huge endeavour. Understanding how to prepare your car for your big move can make things easier. Below are some pointers on how to get your car ready before you leave.

Understanding how to prepare your car for your big move can make things easier.
Understanding how to prepare your car for your big move can make things easier.

Search for the right car shipping company

Preparing your car starts by checking out the car shipping companies in your area. Searching online is a good start. Recommendations from family and friends can also help you choose the most reliable shipping company in your area. Getting quotes from them will help determine your budget for the move. Once you choose a car shipper, ask for the company’s protocols in shipping a car. These can help you get your car ready before the shipment date.

Refrain from filling up the tank

There is no need to fill up your car with fuel before transport day. The shipper will be taking your car to your destination. Your car will have minimal movement, which will be rolling on and off the transport vehicle. Filling your car with fuel will make it heavier. The additional weight will result in more expensive car shipping costs. It could also put more risk to the shipment process. Leaving less than half a tank of fuel is enough. Your car will make the ideal weight for car shipment.

Compile the necessary documents

Your car shipping company will need proper documentation from you. Preparing these papers weeks ahead of transport day will make the process quicker and smoother. Here are the basic documents you must prepare:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Vehicle’s registration papers
  • The original title of the vehicle
  • Updated identification
  • Proof of vehicle ownership.

Pack the tools and spare parts

Take these items from your vehicle and pack them separately. Include them in your moving boxes. This will prevent rattling noises in your vehicle during transport. It will also prevent damage to your car.

Remove your personal belongings

Leaving or adding more personal items in your car will only add to its overall weight. Also, they will not be included in the shipper’s insurance in case of theft or damage. The shipper may also be forced to pay a fine for moving your personal things in your vehicle. Removing any toll tags or parking passes is also important. That way, you won’t need to pay toll fee charges each time the transport vehicle passes with your vehicle onboard.

Clean your car outside and inside.
Clean your car outside and inside.

Perform thorough cleaning

This means cleaning your car outside and inside. Bringing your car to a professional car cleaner or car wash will make this faster and easier. Thorough car cleaning will make car inspections quicker. It will allow the inspector to see even the minute damages that need noting before shipping.

Take photos of any damage

Do this after your car’s thorough cleaning. Start with the interiors of your car. Note each scratch, chip or crack. Capture the discolorations, peel-offs, and dents as well. Write down the missing accessories. The pictures and notes you take will be good references for your car’s arrival. It will make it easier to accomplish the condition report as well. In the event that there is significant damage during shipping and the shipper denies it, your photos will prove that it happened.

Take off all accessories

Some car accessories tend to break off or fall during shipping. This could even result in scratches or cracks. Removing your car accessories will prevent this. Examples of common car accessories you need to remove are:

  • Spoilers
  • Bike and ski racks
  • Luggage and box racks
  • Antennas.

Bring your car to your trusted mechanic

Doing this will ensure that your vehicle is in top shape before shipment. Your mechanic will check for mechanical issues and leaks. Fluids will be replenished except for the fuel. The tyres must have correct air content. Charging the battery is important as well. Noting the number of miles in your car before shipping will let you know if the car was used somewhere or kept on the transport vehicle.

Lock your vehicle

This is an extra precaution against theft. Before car pickup day, make sure you have an extra set of keys made. Give the duplicate to the transport driver. The driver will move your car on and off the transport vehicle. It will make you feel so much better if you have the original set of keys in case the driver loses the duplicate set during transit.

Disable the alarm

It is fine if your car has a sophisticated and sensitive alarm system. This is a good way to secure your car, wherever it is parked. However, your alarm system may annoy the driver during transport. Turning off or disabling the alarm before loading the car will ensure a peaceful and calm journey to your destination.

Check for stowaways

Small animals like cats and rodents often make their way to the underside of the car for warmth during cold weather. Check your car thoroughly for any animal that might be hiding. Make noise and bump your car with the side of your fist to wake up any sleeping animal inside your car. If you do hear an animal in your car, wait until it scampers off before loading your vehicle. This will ensure that your car is not harbouring a helpless animal during shipment.

Finish the legalities

On your car’s shipping day, the transport driver will call before the transport vehicle arrives. This will ensure the shipper that the vehicle is ready and you are home. Your vehicle will undergo proper inspection. Then, you will sign the bill of lading. This legal contract acts as a form of protection for your vehicle and a receipt as well. The bill of lading contains your vehicle’s pre-shipping condition, its source and destination, and any significant issues with your vehicle.

A well-prepared vehicle is essential to a smooth car shipping experience

Transporting your vehicle to your new home can remove much of the stress of moving. A reliable car shipping company can ensure your car’s safety during transport. The shipper just needs a well-prepared vehicle. The mentioned tips can help you get your vehicle ready for shipping day.

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