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How to save money on your house move

Sponsored feature | Brenda Kibblewhite, head of sales and marketing, This Land

Buying a house can feel like the proverbial rollercoaster ride. A steady, calm trajectory can soon turn into an adrenaline pumping white knuckle adventure, and the moving process can be one of those sudden loop-the-loops.

It can also be one of the most exciting life events – but it can also be stressful and expensive. From stamp duty to surveys, estate agent and removal fees, costs can soon add up. There’s plenty to organise and many variables that can knock you off schedule.

There are though, ways to reduce the stress and strain on finances. Brenda Kibblewhite, head of sales and marketing at This Land, gives her top five tips for saving money on your house move.

Brenda Kibblewhite, of This Land
Brenda Kibblewhite, of This Land

Buy new

Buying a new-build has the potential to save significant costs on your house move. One of the biggest advantages of buying new is the fact there is no upward chain. This reduces the chances of a purchase falling through, meaning no money wasted on surveys or solicitor fees. Buying new also offers peace of mind that there will be no need to spend on repair work when you move in.

At This Land, our new homes come with a two-year new home warranty. Your appliances and specialist materials will be covered by manufacturers’ guarantees. All structural issues are protected by our warranty provider giving peace of mind for 10 years.

Compare prices

Whether it’s removals, conveyancing solicitors or estate agents, costs can vary. It is important to shop around for the best price. There may only be minor differences between each company, but those small amounts can soon add up. Recommendations are always worthwhile.

Here at This Land our team can help to advise on reputable service providers such as mortgage brokers and removal companies, while comparison websites can give quick quote comparisons for services in your local area.

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If you can persuade friends and family to help, it cuts down on the cost of moving house.
If you can persuade friends and family to help, it cuts down on the cost of moving house.

Do it yourself

Yes, it can be tempting to leave it to the experts and save time, but if you haven’t got vast amounts of furniture, why not consider moving yourself to save on the cost of a professional removals company? If you can rope in friends and family to help and bring their cars, you may also be able to avoid hiring a van which can be a significant outlay.

Save on boxes and packing materials

The cost of packing can soon begin to accumulate, so try and save any useful materials like boxes or newspaper for wrapping valuables in the lead up to your move. Local supermarkets or shops are always a good source of recycled boxes, as are recycling centres.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is all important when moving house. Last-minute changes can cost time and money, so being as organised as possible with your move is key.

Make sure you contact utility providers and cancel any outstanding contracts so you’re not paying for services that you are no longer using. It is also well worth redirecting your post in good time so you don’t miss any outstanding bills or have to pay to have mail redelivered from your old address

If you’re unsure about any stage of the moving process, our experts are always on hand to offer help and advice.

To find out more about This Land and to view current developments visit our website at https://this-land.co.uk/.

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