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How to sell your home fast

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There are many reasons why house owners suddenly find that they have to sell their property fast and these can include job relocation, possible changes in the property market and avoiding a double mortgage.

Maybe you have decided to make the most of the Stamp Duty holiday and as this ends on June 30 2021, you will have to get your skates on!

Whatever your reason, if you want to sell speedily, but without any extra pressure during what is always a stressful time, these points will help make things move more quickly and smoothly.

Moving can be a stressful process. Picture: iStock
Moving can be a stressful process. Picture: iStock

Prepare your property for selling

There is no doubt about it, if you are prepared to put some time and effort in, you can make your house look appealing, which will help it to sell faster and for a better price.

1. Declutter every room

Prepare your house to go on the market by clearing as much clutter away in every room. House buyers want to quickly assess the potential of each room and by decluttering you will be making each room look larger.

2. Give your house a deep clean

Property buying experts Housebuyers4u recommend giving your home a deep clean. Having de-cluttered, each room needs a deep clean.

Work methodically from room to room cleaning walls, paintwork and light switches. Deep clean floors and carpets, or get them professionally cleaned. Don’t forget to clean all light fittings and windows inside and out. Do all the DIY jobs you have meant to do for ages as house buyers will be irritated if they see minor repair jobs. If when you were cleaning the rooms, did you find a wall that was badly marked, or if you have one that you painted in an extrovert style or colour, it is best to give them a fresh coat of paint in a neutral shade or this season’s trending pale blue or dove grey.

3. Make the front of your house look good

The front of a house. Picture: iStock
The front of a house. Picture: iStock

Once you have finished work on the inside, you can turn your attention to the front of your house and your front garden. First impressions really count!

Check the paintwork on your front and garage doors. If it is in poor condition, re-paint as it will make a huge difference. The same applies to window frames and sills plus garden gates.

Cut the grass, trim the edges and prune hedges and bushes. Dig the flowerbeds well and remove weeds and dead plants. Add instant colour with annuals and invest in a hanging basket to place by the front door. Tidy up wheelie bins and if possible, camouflage them.

4. Spruce up your back garden

Make sure that your back garden is looking as smart as your front garden as the pandemic has made everyone appreciate gardens more – having a nice garden can add £££ to your house value too. Make sure an outside terrace or deck is clean and in good condition. Add a table and chairs to make it look more inviting. If you have a shed or conservatory, make sure it is clean and really tidy. As many people are still working from home, can you create a home office area? If you can, this will be a plus factor.

After you've taken the above steps, you need to decide how you want to sell your home. There are a number of methods you can opt for, some being quicker than others. Below we will outline four of the most popular selling options

Declutter your home before trying to sell it
Declutter your home before trying to sell it

Decide how to sell your home

This needs careful consideration as it will impact how long it takes to sell your property. You will also need to have a good idea of the value of your home and this can be obtained by getting valuations and also by keeping an eye on the prices fetched by similar properties in your road.

1. Estate agent

This is the traditional way of selling your house. There are two types of high street estate agent – the private independent agency or the local branch of a national chain. Pop in to both and see how well their staff members know the area as this is very important. Get a valuation from both agencies – whatever you decide. Check whether they have a good easy to navigate website and would offer a 360º virtual tour of your property as this is a great time saver. Estate agencies are responsible for advertising your property and organising viewings, as well as all the paperwork that accompanies a house sale. Estate agents can be really good – but they do come at a price, so check the commission they charge. The average is 1.4 per cent of the final selling price, plus a variety of other charges including conveyancing and legal costs. The fastest that a house sale can be completed is 4-6 weeks – if it is straightforward. The average time is 12 weeks from offer acceptance and unlike in Scotland, there is no guarantee that the sale will go through until the buyer signs the contract.

2. House-buying companies

House-buying companies are gaining in popularity as they are proving to be genuinely the quickest way to sell your home. You need to choose a company that has a good reputation and definitely has its own funds rather one that works as a ‘middle man’. These ‘we buy any house’ companies will pay in cash for your home, which is usually around 85-90 per cent of its market value – but there are no hidden costs. The money they offer is the money you will receive. The money is usually paid into your bank account 7- 21 days later. This is definitely an option well worth considering if you need to sell speedily. The company will buy the property as it is, although it's best to smarten things up to get a better price.

3. Online agencies

These agencies conduct their business purely online and usually charge a lower commission. You will be required to show prospective buyers around. A bonus is that much of the paperwork can also be completed online. An increasing number of properties are now being marketed in this way especially as a really good 360º virtual tour works well and employing a house dresser to make your home look really good can definitely pay off.

4. Auction house

It is possible to sell your house quite quickly by private auction but it depends on when the next auction day will be and, usually, the price when the hammer drops is less than the market value. Selling your house in an auction is never a certainty and many auction houses require payment of their charge upfront – whether the property sells or not.

Your decision about which method of selling suits you best will largely depend on the amount of time you have to complete the sale. If time really matters and you can do without the stress and uncertainty of using an estate agent, you may well plump to use a ‘buy for cash’ company – as an increasing number of house sellers are doing.

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