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MEP calls for Article 50 to be revoked after Brexit deal rejected

By Gemma Gardner

Labour MEP Alex Mayer is calling for Article 50 to be revoked following the defeat of Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal.

MEP Alex Mayer (6537180)
MEP Alex Mayer (6537180)

MPs voted by 432 votes to 202 to reject the deal last night (Tuesday, January 15), which sets out the terms of Britain's exit from the EU on March 29.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled a vote of no confidence in the government, which could trigger a general election.

Mrs May said she would make time for a debate on the motion today (Wednesday).

“It was a defeat of epic proportions of the Prime Minister,” said Ms Mayer immediately after the vote.

She continued: “I think personally it is time to revoke Article 50 to give us some breathing space and when she brings her plan B back to parliament on Monday, it had better be completely different. We want something new.

“I think we should revoke Article 50 because we are in danger of running out of time and in danger of leaving the European Union with no deal at all and that would be a disaster, a catastrophe.”

“She needs to make parliamentary time so we can sort out the mess we are in,” Ms Mayer added.

Speaking in the debate ahead of the vote, South Cambridgeshire MP Heidi Allen said: “I have no regrets, I have no reluctance, for me the decision is as clear as day – this is not good enough for my country.

“When I decided to become an MP it was for one reason; I wanted to play an active role in assisting and serving our country.

“IAs a Member of Parliament, you are a custodian for a short time with a responsibility to do the singular best for your constituency and country – nothing else.

“It angers me greatly when I hear MPs say they will ‘reluctantly’ or ‘with a heavy heart’ accept this compromise of a deal with the EU. Not because I do not believe the Prime Minister has done her very best – I have no doubt that she has, but because what is on offer is not good enough!

“No MP should be voting for something that might make the economy weaker and risk jobs. How on earth can we purport to be representing this country at a national level if we are prepared to settle for second best!?

“Not good enough I say! Not good enough!”

If MPs vote to back a no confidence motion, the government, or anyone else who can command a majority, would get 14 days to win a further confidence vote. If they can't win that, a general election will be then held.

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