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New and expanded markets being encouraged in South Cambridgeshire

Efforts to encourage new markets and expand existing ones in South Cambridgeshire have been launched by the district council.

It believes they can play an important role in promoting economic recovery and social cohesion coming out of the pandemic.

Markets are being encouraged in South Cambridgeshire
Markets are being encouraged in South Cambridgeshire

The council has created an online markets toolkit, which will help anyone thinking about setting up a market in their village by answering questions about how to establish one, and offering advice on matters such as taking contactless payments and health and safety.

The council has launched two new directories - one listing established and newly-launched markets, and the other detailing individual stallholders. Traders and market organisers are being urged to apply online to join them.

Cllr Peter McDonald, lead cabinet member for economic development, who is responsible for business support, skills, infrastructure and transport, said: “We are committed to helping to grow the local economy and this is more crucial than ever as we recover from the pandemic.

“It is important to recognise that markets are much more than simply stalls, produce and traders. They are community cornerstones often propping up social experiences and are generally the heart of local commerce. Successful community markets can propel emerging businesses forward whilst also feeding money back into our local communities.

Cllr Peter McDonald
Cllr Peter McDonald

“Throughout South Cambridgeshire, there are several established markets running - many of which can be found on Visit South Cambs at https://visitsouthcambs.co.uk/see-do/markets - but we believe there is scope for many more.

“Whether it be artisan products on offer, an array of street food trucks or an eco-product focused market, we want to hear from potential market organisers around the district - let us know if you want to start a new market and ask how South Cambridgeshire District Council can help.”

The council has been visiting existing markets to gather information on them and gauge the appetite for expanding them or establishing more.

It hopes to work with parish councils, community organisations and local businesses hoping to begin a market of their own.

Meanwhile, the council’s new street trading policy came into effect on March 1, and aims to ensure the same standards apply to street vendors across the district, while considering the needs of local residents and protecting shoppers in relation to issues such as food hygiene and safety.

Those considering launching a market can contact businesssupportkeyprojects@scambs.gov.uk. To see the markets online toolkit or the markets and stallholders directories, visit scambs.gov.uk/business/south-cambridgeshire-markets.

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