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No mess, no stress: the positive power of spring cleaning

Sponsored feature | Brenda Kibblewhite, head of sales and marketing, This Land

More than 6.7 million people have watched a YouTube video in which media personality Khloe Kardashian stacks Oreos around the edges of a glass jar so that they look aesthetically pleasing. What does this tell us about the surge of people looking to rethink the way they tidy and organise their homes?

Clever storage solutions include decanting products into containers and labelling them.
Clever storage solutions include decanting products into containers and labelling them.

Do you own the things you own, or do the things you own, own you? Words of wisdom from Marie Kondo, professional tidying icon and the host of the hit Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The show is one example of the rise in popularity of decluttering, organising and creating bespoke storage solutions for your home. For some time, shops have been reporting increased sales of home organisation products and more people are choosing professional organisation as a career path. So why are we seeking more pleasure from clever storage solutions, decanting products into different containers and labelling everything we can get our hands on?

As a result of the pandemic, the way we view our homes has changed drastically. During periods of lockdown, our homes took on a host of other purposes, such as a classroom, office or gym. At a time of heightened levels of stress and anxiety, we also found a place of respite and sanctuary in our own spaces. The changing dynamics of our homes had the potential to lead to increased clutter and mess, and now with aspects of our new lifestyles staying put, there has never been more need for clever, functional areas that work for you and your family's individual needs.

Beneficial in many ways

Nine out of 10 households take part in the act of spring cleaning and reap the mental and physical rewards as a result. The act of tidying and organising is not just about achieving a more aesthetically-pleasing space, as it can also have a powerfully positive impact on your mind and body.

Making the effort to declutter and organise your home is being kinder to your future self, as it allows you to save time in the future when finding items that you might not have had a specific space for before. The extra time for other activities, along with the increased energy levels from the actual act of cleaning, have all been proven to lead to increased productivity. Along with increased productivity and more time in general, spring cleaning also allows you to improve your focus. Clearing your home also helps clear your mind, allowing you to create mental space for other important tasks. These mental qualities add up to an overall reduction of stress levels and an increase in endorphins, the happy hormone. It is clear that if you have a tidy, organised space that works for you then it can leave you feeling refreshed, content and stress-free.

The benefits are not just emotional - spring cleaning can also make you physically healthier. Of course, keeping a clean home environment reduces the risk of illness from germs and bacteria, but a good spring clean can also help you avoid allergy symptoms. By getting rid of dust build-up, you might find yourself less congested. The act of cleaning itself can also be a form of exercise, as it keeps you on your feet and moving.

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Make your space perfect

At This Land, we create appealing and functional homes that provide the perfect backdrop for your storage and organisational solutions. With our homes, it is easy for you to create your own space that works for your family’s unique lifestyles and needs. Here are some top tips for your next spring clean.

With hybrid working now here to stay, the need for organised home offices is becoming vital.
With hybrid working now here to stay, the need for organised home offices is becoming vital.

First and foremost, you must set aside enough time to fully immerse yourself in tidying and cleaning, without outside distractions or other plans getting in the way. A useful plan for efficient organising is to first declutter, before cleaning the space and then organising the items you are left with. Of course, when you buy a new home from This Land you are buying a brand new, sparkly clean new-build which takes out the need for the cleaning stage, and you can get straight to organising your beautiful space.

When decluttering you should be stern with yourself, and make sure you don’t keep things that are taking up important space without serving a purpose or function. There are plenty of space-saving and clever storage solutions you can use to create a practical and beautiful space. Storage products made from recycled or sustainable materials are always popular and alternative materials to plastic are being sought after, such as hyacinth, rattan and jute.

Also, with hybrid working now here to stay, the need for organised home offices is becoming vital. For this, products such as desk tidies, clever wall solutions for paperwork and aesthetic stationary storage solutions are ever more popular.

If you are looking to buy a new home, speak with This Land’s home buying executive today. Call 07388 673364, email spiregrass@this-land.co.uk or register online at This-Land.co.uk.

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