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Trusted news is more important than ever before and as our community pulls together during this second national lockdown, we want to ensure you can still enjoy your regular newspaper.

Even if you cannot get out to buy a newspaper, you can still stay connected by reading the Cambridge Independent on your computer or digital device - and we’ve just improved the offer.

Support the Cambridge Independent by subscribing - and read us on all your devices
Support the Cambridge Independent by subscribing - and read us on all your devices

You can now subscribe and read your newspaper in full on desktop/laptop, mobile and iOS and Android tablets.

You get your first month free and will also get access to the IM News app.

The app features all of Iliffe Media's local newspapers, an impressive archive, alongside a range of digital crosswords and sudokus and national headlines from the Press Association.

By subscribing, you'll not only keep up to date with the latest news, you will support the local journalists who work tirelessly to represent you, campaign on local issues and hold those in power to account.

Cambridge Independent editor Paul Brackley said: “There has never been a greater need for trusted, local journalism and we hope this will make it easier than ever to access it.

“Our journalists are continuing to work hard to keep you informed during these difficult times, but we need your support too to ensure we are able to continue to serve and fight for our community for years to come. By taking out a subscription you’ll never miss an edition of your newspaper and help protect local journalism and local jobs."

How to subscribe

Subscribing is quick and easy. Here are your options.

Digital subscriptions

For digital subscriptions, priced at £4.99 a month, with your first month free, simply visit https://www.subsaver.co.uk/ and select IM News. Upon subscribing you will be emailed your unique subscriber number along with details of how to access your newspaper online and download the IM News app on the device of your choice.

Print and digital subscriptions

If you would like to subscribe to the newspaper and our digital editions in one great value package, currently priced at £4.99 monthly, then visit https://www.iliffemediasubs.co.uk/CAM . You’ll be sent vouchers to exchange at the shops for the paper or, for an additional fee, we also offer home delivery to some locations. Enter your postcode to find out if we can deliver in your area. You can also buy a print and digital subscription as a Christmas gift that will last all year.

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