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The 20 villages and parishes in Cambridgeshire that could get 20mph limits

Speed limits of 20mph could be introduced to more areas of Cambridgeshire under a £350,000 scheme.

The county council has set out the 20 areas that could see the lower speed limit introduced and the estimated cost of the implementation.

More 20mph limits could be coming to Cambridgeshire
More 20mph limits could be coming to Cambridgeshire

The authority hopes lowering limits will improve safety and encourage more people to walk and cycle rather than use a car for short journeys.

The Welsh government recently made 20mph the default speed limit on restricted roads across Wales to try and improve safety and people’s health and wellbeing.

The county council is looking to support the introduction of more 20mph zones across Cambridgeshire through an annual funding programme.

The introduction of a 20mph limit in Cambourne has already been approved, as the Cambridge Independent reported.

A report published by the authority ahead of its highways and transport committee meeting on October 3, said there were 88 applications from community groups, parish and town councils for funding to implement 20mph zones.

The report said 20 of the schemes had been identified to be prioritised for funding in 2023/24, which in total is estimated will cost the county council £348,000.

The projects that were not picked for funding this year will remain on the ranked list for the 2024/25 round of funding and beyond.

The report said the county council’s intention was to work down the list until all of the projects on it are delivered.

New applications will also be able to be made in future years.

Councillors will be asked to approve the delivery of the prioritised schemes at the committee meeting next week.

The 20 projects included on the prioritised list and the estimated cost of the schemes are:

Cottenham (village wide) – £27,000
Fulbourn (majority of village) – £18,000
Whittlesford (village wide) – £18,000
Girton (extend the current 20mph zone to remainder of village) – £5,000
Meldreth (majority of village) – £18,00
Orwell (village wide) – £18,000
Great Wilbraham (village wide) – £18,000
Willingham (village wide) – £18,000
Fowlmere (majority of village) – £5,000
Upwood and The Raveleys (parish wide on all eligible 30mph roads) – £18,000
Oakington and Westwick (extend the current 20mph zone to include Westwick) – £5,000
Great Abington (High Street and Linton Road) – £18,000
Wicken (village wide) – £18,000
Elton (majority of village) – £18,000
Linton (village wide) – £27,000
Houghton and Wyton (village wide) – £18,000
Burwell (village wide) – £27,000
Hilton (village wide) – £18,000
Great Staughton (majority of village) – £18,000
Harlton (village wide) – £18,000

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