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Violent and sexual offences rise in Cambridge, figures show

The number of recorded cases of violent crime and sexual offences in Cambridge is increasing, latest figures show.

In the year ending September 2020, the violence and sexual offences crime rate in Cambridge was higher than average for the Cambridgeshire force area.

In Cambridge the rate was 34.45 recorded crimes per 1,000 population placing it second in the county, with Peterborough topping the chart with a rate of 41.95. The lowest rate in the county was South Cambridgeshire with just 16.16 offences per 1,000. East Cambridgeshire had a rate of 19.84. The force average was 29.22.

Over the year to September 2020, the violence and sexual offences crime rate in Cambridge was higher than the average rate across similar areas. The average in areas of a similar size was 28.64 compared with Cambridge’s 34.45. In Oxford it was 32.42, Watford was 30.67 and Welwyn and Hatfield was 26.44. Reading and Brighton both had higher rates.

In the quarter ending September 2020, violence and sexual offences crime rates were up in both Cambridge and the Cambridgeshire force area compared with the corresponding quarter in 2019.

The figures have been steadily climbing since 2017. The quarterly crime rate per thousand residents for violent and sexual offences to September 2017 was 6.70 compared with a Cambridgeshire average of 5.46 and an average of areas most similar to Cambridge of 5.98. This had risen to 7.41 in September 2018 (5.41 in Cambridgeshire, and 6.64 in areas similar to Cambridge) and 8.44 in September 2019 (Cambridgeshire and areas similar to Cambridge both 7.10).

By the quarter to September 2020 the figure had reached 9.40 compared with 8.30 in Cambridgeshire and an average in areas most similar to Cambridge of 7.87.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: “Tackling crimes such as serious sexual offences, stalking and harassment are priorities for the force and we would encourage anyone who has been a victim of this type of crime, or any other offences, to come forward. Reports will be taken very seriously, investigated thoroughly and victims will receive full support.

“There are a number of reasons why we see changes in crime trends. These include targeted police activity, increases in reporting, changes in the way in which crimes are recorded, better compliance with National Crime Recording Standards (NCRS) and most recently the impact of the pandemic.

“Attacks on the streets of Cambridgeshire are very rare but when they do happen we will do all we can to support victims and arrest those responsible.”

The statistics were compiled by the Office of National Statistics and published on police.uk.

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